Thursday, January 11, 2007

It was a long night....

So at 1:30 this morning my daughter came down to our bedroom crying and it turns out that she fell out of her bed and hit her head on her nightstand. Poor little thing. It was all downhill from there…I snuggled with her, and then took her up to her room where she seemed asleep. Then, because I’m a stinking mom, I go in to check on my son, who’s coming down with a cold. He’s all tangled in his blanket (no where near his head of course) so the mom in me tries to pull him out without waking him up. Do you think that happens? No, he wakes up and cries for “Daddy”. I tell him that daddy is sleeping, then he says “Sissy”, and I tell him that sissy is sleeping. I tell him it’s night-night time and he says “no”. So I try to rock him, but he keeps crying, and I’m afraid that he’s going to wake up my daughter, so I take him down to our room. I lay him down in our bed and he’s happy - hubby snuggles with him (this is where I don't tell him that I am actually the one that woke him up). But then I hear my daughter’s door open, so I come out of my room and ask her what’s wrong and she tells me she wants more water, so I get her some more water. She lies down and looks like she’s going to sleep (ha!).

I got back to my room and my son is now sitting up whining and saying “juice”. I tell him I’ll get him water, but since he’s brushed his teeth he can’t have juice. He wails at this. So I tell him I’ll put ice in his water and he liked that idea. So I go down and get him some ice water. He drank that so fast! So then I tell him it’s time to go back to his bed with his water and he says “OK” (have I bragged lately about how really good my son is with bed time and sleeping and how spoiled I am??) I hear movement in my daughter’s room so I go in there and she is on the floor picking up all of her stuffed animals and putting them back in her bed. She looks at me with a very sad face and says “I’m having lots of bad dreams mommy”. My heart breaks! So we climb into her bed, but then she says that she’s getting too hot in her pajamas, so we change them, but then she has to go potty. Then she wants me to put socks on her so that when hubby takes her to the sitter’s her feet aren’t cold. I grab the wrong socks. “I want Jo-Jo socks mommy”. I put Jo-Jo socks on. Finally we climb into bed and she falls asleep and I go down to my room. No 30 minutes later I hear her in my room, so I pull her into my bed…I’d had enough. Around 5:30, right before my alarm goes off I wake up and take her back to her bed.

I’m really tired now (I feel your pains Amy W!). I’m so glad that it’s Thursday, and almost Friday!

Guess what? My company has brought us lunch in everyday this week so far…it’s been so nice! We had Donatos on Monday and Tuesday – pizza on Monday and subs on Tuesday, we had Chipotle yesterday (for those of you that have never had Chipotle it is amazing! I actually used to work there before where I am now…I miss the business a lot – I don’t miss the people!) and then today they’re bringing in Panera for us. It is year-end and I know the accountants are working their tails off, and I will be working my tail off as soon as they close the books! I will probably have to work Saturday, which really sucks (I know, all you people that are in public are like “what? I have to work every Saturday from now until April…but in my job I rarely work over 40 hours, very rarely, so a Saturday is a big deal!). I’m going to try to do it from home; it all depends on what I’m working on.

OK, time to take a nap...err I mean get back to work.


Kellie said...

Wow--that is a long night. It's posts like these that make me admire you working Mommies even more. At least if I have a night like that, I have the option to nape during laundry and cleaning and diaper changing :) Hope tonight is better!! And..laughing at you being the one to wake your son up...doesn't that suck??!!!

Amy W said...

I am TOTALLY jealous you had chipotle. There is only one in Raleigh, and not close to me. I used to go to one every week in Virginia.

I feel your pain, really I do. Thanks for the link!