Monday, January 15, 2007

Going On 4 Hours of Sleep

Wow, another fabulous weekend! Friday night hubby went to the grocery store, after picking up the kids, and picked up everything we needed to make tacos. After dinner I went over to a friend’s to scrapbook, until midnight.

Friday night was bad…my son was up a lot, and finally ended up in our bed. Saturday hubby took my daughter into work with him while I got to sleep in for a little while. Then I got up and did some work in bed while my cute little boy slept. When he woke up he had a big smile on his face…we went downstairs and ate breakfast…he wanted oatmeal and he wanted to eat it by himself. Half of it ended up on his shirt, and he kept wanting me to clean his messy hands, but I would tell him he had to wait until he was done. Finally he told me “all done” and I stripped him and led him to the bathroom where he stood on the stool and played in the water. You know what he did next? Typical of my boy, he told me “Buckeyes, moon, paci”. Yep, he went back to bed for a two hour nap! This was around 10:30. I think he gets so hungry that he wakes up, but his body is not done sleeping yet, so he wants to go right back to bed after he eats.

So then I worked some more and then hubby called and said that he and my daughter were coming to pick us up to run some errands. Then we went to eat, and then we came home and worked around the house and played.

I will win mother of the year because of this:

OK, so I will win by votes cast by my kids, not the actual adult panel…since we ate lunch so late (3:30), we weren’t really hungry for dinner, so at 8:00 when the kids were hungry, we made milkshakes and popcorn. They worked on the ice cream for a good 10 minutes until finally my daughter asked me to take over :)

At 12:00 I fall into bed with both kids asleep. Until 3:30. My son wakes up and my daughter wakes up. So hubby and I are back at trying to get them to go to sleep. I rock my son, and he finally calms down and I lay him in the crib and get all the way back to my room, and then he starts crying again. So I get him and bring him back to our room where he falls asleep. Then he wakes up screaming…it scares me to death. I give him some Motrin and ask him if he wants my room or his room, and he tells me “Joshie’s room”. So I take him up there, he takes a drink of water, and I finally get back into bed around 4:30 (did I mention that my alarm goes off at 5:30?)

I’m really surprised that I’m even functioning right now…however it is 8:45 and I have yet to do any real work. I need to start it since I’m so busy and I have to leave here at 4:30 so that my dad can get home for poker night :)

Here are some pictures we took yesterday afternoon:


Kellie said...

Nothing I can say will make you and the husband less tired so, all I'll offer is a "That sucks" and a "I feel your tiredness". You ladies that work full time away from home and AT home have my admiration and respect. I don't know how you do it. Hope tonight is better for all of you.

Happy Working Mom said...

Thanks for the kind words, but I think just the opposite...At least I can sit at a desk and not have to run around after kids all day (not that I wouldn't love it). If you SAHMs have a bad night, you still have to get up with the kids, maybe/maybe not get a shower, and then they demand your undivided attention all day...on days when I've had very little sleep, I'll take the desk job guys have it hard!

Julie said...

Good thing my oldest can't read your post - she's been dying to have ice cream for dinner! : )

I love to scrapbook too. Good for you for cropping until midnight. I start loosing all my creativeness (if that's a word) around 10pm.

Oh, and you should take your daughter to Libby Lu. It's very cute. She's probably enjoy it more if she had a friend to do it with though.

Amy W said...

First off, totally jealous you got to scrapbook...I am so far behind.

Your house looks beautiful (just from the pics of the kitchen). I would love to see the rest of it.