Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Muscial, Car Shopping and Snow!

Phew, work is getting really busy, so forgive me if I’m not posting as regularly as I used to :)

2 Tickets to Annie - $140
Snack at theater - $10
Parking - $2.50
My daughter’s first grown-up musical – priceless!

On Friday night I took my daughter to see her first official musical/play in a grown-up theater. We went to see Annie. She has been watching this movie nonstop and I think she has most of it memorized, so when I hear that it was being put on in Columbus, I had to take her. We were supposed to go to dinner beforehand (the show started at 8:00) but my dad, who was watching the kids that day, didn’t make them take naps. So as soon as hubby got home he made my daughter take a nap. Now I love my dad, and he loves those kids more than anything, but I was so mad at him because he knew how important this was to us. The problem is he can’t be firm with them…they get whatever they want (how come he had no problem telling me “no” to everything I wanted as a kid???). So I got ready and then woke her up and got her ready. She wore her Christmas dress and I curled her hair (she has naturally curly hair and I enhanced those curls with a curling iron). She looked amazing! We left and there was horrible traffic because some road was shut down, but since we weren’t going to dinner we had plenty of time. We actually walked into the theater about 5 minutes before they would even let us go to our seats. While we were waiting, I purchased our dinner…2 chocolate covered oreos, 2 chocolate truffle things, 1 chocolate covered pretzel (getting the common denominator?) and a bottle of water for….$10. I think I was ripped off, what do you think?

The show was great…my daughter sat on my lap the whole time and kept asking me why it was different from the movie. I was with her, I liked the movie much better…they added songs and changed some of the “facts” and we didn’t like that! I know she had a wonderful time and in the end it was worth every penny! I was going to take her to dinner afterwards but she said she wasn’t hungry, and she had fallen asleep by the time we got home :)

Saturday we went to lunch and the mall to play with my sister (yes, the same sister from here…things are better and it was so nice to spend the afternoon with her!!!) and then we went to look at new vans. Right now we have a Town and Country, oh wait, no, our Town and Country has been at the dealership getting fixed FOR ONE MONTH NOW. They don’t understand why we’re upset. They have given us a loaner (after tons of begging and pleading) and it’s a piece of junk as well. We are either going to get a Toyota (which is offering 0% on 2006 models and we have found a loaded one that would be great!) or Honda (which is offering 3.9% on 2007 ones). I drove the Honda one and it is so nice! OK, as nice as a minivan can be (I hate them and never thought I would drive one, but the automatic doors are so nice with kids!). I still have to drive the Toyota one. We have just had nothing but problems with ours since we got it two years ago. It has been in the shop more times than I can remember, and even though we bought the extended warranty, everything is a fight. Our other car is an Infiniti and I can’t say enough wonderful things about them. If they made minivans we’d buy it in a heartbeat! We bought the extended warranty with them as well, and everything is covered, no questions asked! We had a button on the radio that was sticking and we took it in…they replaced the entire radio! No charge, nothing. It just makes me mad that Chrysler can’t stand behind its product. We’ve had it with American cars…back to all foreign!

And here are the pictures of the kids playing in the snow! My daughter was so excited and my son was trying to figure out what it was!

And here are some pictures of the kids playing in their new play room (I also took some pictures of just the room itself…I will get pictures of the rest of the house up, someday.) Please ignore the bare, white walls :)
This is hubby teaching my daughter how to play football :)

Do you think the kids have enough toys??


Julie said...

Your night out with your daughter sounded great. It's so much fun to have those mommy/daughter dates. I took my oldest to see High School Musical: The Concert after Christmas (ok, not quite the classic of Annie) and seeing how excited she got was well worth the overpriced snacks, t-shirt and popcorn.

Kellie said...

Glad fun was had at Annie...even though it wasn't the same as the movie.

I'd be rippin' mad about the van, too!! I agree that Chrysler doesn't always stand behind their products-- I had a Jeep for a few years and even with the extended warranty, I had to fight with them to replace anything...even an obviously, factory defected moonroof!! Happy van shopping :)

Amy W said...

We need to compare playrooms, we just might have the same number of toys...

I have the Honda Odyssey and LOVE it. I also was the "I'm never driving a mini-van" person, but now I can't live without it.

I took Ashley to see Cinderella back in December, but it was actually Cinder-ella (she tended to a fireplace) so it was a little weird. I had no idea!

Glad you girls had a good night out!