Friday, January 19, 2007


I hate depositing checks…it’s such an inconvenience. We have our paychecks directly deposited, and I do most of my banking and bill paying online. But once in a while we have checks to deposit, and since my husband won both of his fantasy football leagues, I had a check to deposit (the one league he won $375!!!) but I could never get to the bank. I have had in it my purse for a week now but I have never been near our bank. So last night I finally made it to the bank, in our rental van, which of course has nothing in it, and guess what? I pull up to the ATM and I.DON’T.HAVE.A.PEN. I couldn’t believe it. And the stubborn person that I am would not let me leave without depositing this check. So guess what the mom in me thought of? I have a diaper bag, and in that diaper bag are……………..crayons! So I filled out my deposit envelope in blue crayon. I am sure that the tellers in there this morning are having a great laugh at my little envelope :) Good thing I got a receipt in case they can’t read my lovely crayon-writing!

One of the benefits of moving to where we did is that we are now 5 minutes down the street from my sister-in-law and my nephew that is 11 months older than my daughter. Last night she invited us over for pizza and for the kids to play. Hubby was playing basketball, but we trucked ourselves over there and had a great time! It’s hubby’s sister, and she is the one that does all of our hair (she’s such a talented stylist!) and we had hung out with she and her husband when we were in college and they had first moved up to Columbus from our little hometown of Athens. I had a really good time last night and I know the kids did as well!

We sat and talked about our neighbors that are moving in within the next two weeks (we have two) and how interesting the people and their plans are. Our one set of neighbors (and our friends from our other neighborhood) plan to close on the house on Friday, and be comfortably settled by Saturday afternoon. I think they are freaking nuts, but hey, who am I to judge? I just did this a month ago :)

Here's a picture of hubby's family...the back row goes from the left: my daughter, hubby, me, my son, hubby's one sister, her husband, hubby's other sister (twins with the other sister and who does our hair), my nephew, my brother-in-law. Front row from the left: hubby's brother and hubby's parents.


Kellie said...

Glad fun was had by all!! What a nice family picture :)

Rachel said...

Nice pic! I hate going to the bank. I have to go today, actually. My work doesn't have direct deposit...yet. They are working on it though. sounds like everyone had a good time!

Danielle Meehan (Mom) said...

I also hate the bank. My aunt and grandparents always send checks for birthdays and holidays and it takes me forever to get there. I always get at least one phone call reminding me that it hasn't cleared yet. I try my best but times are busy y'all.
The family pic is beautiful. It's always wonderful to have those memories as they get older!

Julie said...

We have direct deposit as well and it irks me when we have a check to deposit. Our bank (credit union) is in CA so we either have to mail in the deposit or drive 10 miles away to a sister bank. I've been saying for years we need to switch but I'm too lazy to do it - change all the direct deposit/withdrawl stuff.

Kelly M said...

Crayons...thats very inventive! The tellers are probably wondering why they have never thought of that before! HAHA too funny! Your kids are adorable!

Amy W said...

I'm with you on going to the bank, hate it. I make Ray do it!

Cool pic!