Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Windows Look Great!

THE.WINDOWS.LOOK.FANTASTIC! I can’t get over how good they look (ok, they really should look this good for what I paid for them). The kids’ rooms look amazing! I meant to take pictures but completely forgot. My daughter’s princess blinds look so great! And my son’s Buckeye blinds look fabulous too – I actually did two different designs on his because he has two windows, and I was worried how it would look but they look wonderful. Our room looks very classy. We put these in our room and then these in our bathroom above our Jacuzzi see how you can raise them up or push them down? It’s great because we leave them about half down all the time so that light can come in but no one can see us since we’re on the second floor.

I was cleaning up after dinner last night and I heard the kids playing really well together so I got out the video camera and snuck downstairs. I have to sneak because as soon as they see it they start “performing” instead of doing the cute things I was trying to record in the first place. I got some good video, but my son saw me sooner than I wanted him to. I ran out of tape shortly thereafter and I rewound part of it to show hubby. The kids loved watching it, so I rewound the whole thing and we started watching it. Then I realized that we still have hubby’s projector from work (he brings it home so that we can watch tv and movies on the wall in the basement, it’s huge!) so I hooked it up to that and we watched home movies for an hour. What amazed me the most was that my 18-month son sat and watched the whole thing on my lap. He was in awe…and I think he had a hard time figuring out why he was on the wall, and why he wasn’t able to walk or talk. I did see something that made me realize I have to be very careful from now on…there was a lot more video of my son than my daughter. Now of course, there’s a lot of video from when she was a baby, but she didn’t see that. And it is hard, because he’s at the age where he’s doing a lot of cute things and she just acts all crazy when the camera is on her. But from now on I will make sure I get just as much of her as I do of him. She kept asking me last night “where am I?” I felt horrible!

My dad’s watching them today so I get to call home and check up on them :) My son was awake and crying this morning, until he saw Pappaw…then he was fine sitting with him on the couch, eating Cheerios, watching The Doodlebops (yes, my son is part of the cult as well).

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Kellie said...

AGGGHHHHH!! The Doodlebops--my nephew loved them for the longest time. Thought MAYBE my daughter wouldn't give a hoot but, the colored freaks were on this morning and she stopped whining to watch. Whatever. :)