Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Was Denied!

Thanks for all of the comments on my posts…I’ll have to think about some more interesting topics to keep the action going :)

For now just a life update (boring, but the true purpose of this blog). Last night we went and signed up my daughter for a tumble class through the rec department of this wonderful new city that we live in. She is so excited! For some reason she loves going to classes and learning gymnastics from other people, but heaven forbid I or my sister, who were in gymnastics for our entire childhood and teen years try to teach her…she will have none of that.

Then we went to dinner and the most embarrassing thing happened (and I know this happens a lot, it just has never happened to me). We went to Culver’s which is a fast food type place, and we went to pay (with a line behind us, of course) and our credit card was declined. She ran it again and it was declined. I knew right away what the problem is, and as I tried to explain it, I just looked like one of those people that was trying to make an excuse so they didn’t look like an idiot. I wanted to scream…”I really have money, this isn’t just an excuse” but after my husband and I loudly conversed about it (hoping people behind us would hear and believe us) we just moved on and waited for our food (of course after paying with a different card).

Here’s what the problem was: Our wonderful bank (that really isn’t sarcastic, except for this dumb thing they decided to do I really do love them) decided that they wanted their ATM cards to be accepted at more places, so that did some agreement with some company yada, yada, yada, and the end result was that they had to issue us new cards. They told us to activate them and go about with life. The problem was that they had new expiration dates, and I had a bunch of automatic payments set up and current charges out there, that if I activated this new one (which in turn deactivates the old one) then all of my payments would be declined. So I ignored it and stuck the new cards away. Fast forward to about a month ago and I got a letter from the bank stating that they have noticed that I have not activated the cards yet, and to please do so because in January the old cards would automatically be deactivated. Guess what happened? So last night I’m rummaging through papers (our office still isn’t put together) trying to find the cards, and luckily, I find them. All is good again.

New topic: American Idol. I’m addicted. I’ve been addicted since about season 3. And my daughter would watch it with me every night when she was 1, and now she’s back into it with me. We love laughing at the bad singers…even my son will laugh along with us (even though I’m sure he has no idea why we’re laughing!) Although I’ve been disappointed because all of the “bad” singers are so staged, and it’s not the William-Hung-bad that I loved. Oh well, I will have the TV on that show in the background for the next couple of months so that I don’t miss any of the drama!

OK, I need to get to work…maybe something exciting will happen at work today…oh wait, I work in accounting, no it won’t.

This picture is from New Year's Eve. We all had a big sleepover in the play room with the projector as our TV (which = Huge Picture!). It was so much fun!


Kellie said...

I had the same thing happen with my debit card in Target a few weeks ago...forgot to activate the card.

Ahhhh....another A.I. addict!! I DVR the first few weeks, watch them the following night to fast forward the commercials and will start watching it "live" when they get down to 32.

Cute picture--looks like fun was had by all!!

Julie said...

Is it me or are the judges extra nasty this year. It's like Randy has been over taken by Simon's personality. Even Paula is laughing in people's faces! And you're right, some of them have to be staged. There is no way that juggling kid from Tuesday night could have thought he was a good singer/dancer.

amy said...

My daughter is starting her second tumble class on Saturday - fingers are crossed. She loved it last year but is wishy washy and stubborn - hoping she loves it this year, too!