Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Have Nothing To Say

I really don't have anything to say, so for the sake of remembering this when my kids are grown, I'm going to tell you about a little game we play with our 19 month-old son:

When he starts getting fussy and whiny and says "No Mommy" I turn it around and tell him "No Son" (I use his real name here), and then he tells me (while we put our hands out like we're saying "stop") "No Daddy" and then I say "No Sissy" and then he says "No Grandma" and then I say "No Train" and then he says "No boose" (caboose) and then I say "No train tracks" and he says "No tain tacks". We continue on naming everything we see around us and he completely changes his mood and forgot that he was ever telling me "No" :)

The other game we play with him, and he actually usually initiates this, is "Excuse me". He'll say it like this "Ecuse mmmmmmeee", and then I'll say "No, excuse ME" and then he'll say "NO, ECUSE MMMMMEEEEE" and then I'll say "No, excuse sissy" and then he'll say "No, ecuse MEEEEE!" Each time he emphasizes a different part of "me" to get his point across. It's so funny and I laugh every time we do it!


Kellie said...

Great game with the No. Am going to have to remember that one!! He sounds like a funny me to giggle!!

radioactive girl said...

I love these games that we all invent!