Wednesday, January 24, 2007

TMI From My Daughter

I'm so tired...almost fell asleep driving here multiple times. Before I take a I mean get to work...I thought I would share this story: We were at the car dealership last night and when I walked in from test driving one of the vans my daughter runs up to me and very loudly announces with a big smile on her face "mommy, I went yucky poopies and that's why my belly hurt".

I didn't even know what to say, but thankfully, everyone in the dealership was laughing. I was mortified.


Kellie said...

Maybe a discount on the van? I'd have been wanting to crawl in a hole, are kids and everyone laughed :) Now, get back to that nap...uhh, I mean work!!

CPA Mom said...

Our Town and Country sucks too. It's got a rattle now that apparently "cannot be fixed" but is "safe." I cannot afford a new car so what can you do.

Kelly M said...

HAHA too funny!! That should be on that show.."Out of the mouths of babes" very cute!