Friday, September 01, 2006


So it appears that the sickness has spread…a little. My husband had it yesterday (and it’s weird because it really only lasts 12 hours), and my stomach hasn’t felt well for the past day, but I don’t feel like I’m going to be sick or anything, so maybe it’s not the same thing.

Last night my husband had to go and open the church up for his weekly basketball (he didn’t feel well enough to play, but he’s the only one who has keys that plays), so the kids and I went with him because I needed to decorate our Sunday school room. Another dad brought his little girl who was 5, and I asked him if she wanted to come into the kids’ room with me where there would be a lot of toys (otherwise she would have just had to sit and color in the gym by herself). He really appreciated that and I took the three kids into our room (the 3 year-old Sunday school room) and I quickly realized that this little girl was a brat! She would just ignore my daughter when she talked to her, and then she would get in her way when she was trying to jump over these bean bags we had in there. She also kept telling me she was hungry and thirsty, so I went to the snack cupboard and told her there were raisins and animal crackers…she told me she didn’t like either of those. And then I told her that we didn’t have any drinks in the room, and she got all pouty on me. How in the world did her parents treat her? I was in shock at how this 5 year-old was acting! Oh well, it was only for 1 ½ hours because her dad left the game early, and he really appreciated me watching her, but I was so relieved to have the next ½ hour of just MY kids!

My mom and sister came and picked up the kids last night and took them to their house 1 ½ hours away. We will go down either tonight or tomorrow morning. It was so nice with both my husband and I not feeling well last night to not have to worry about baths and getting kids to bed…we could just lounge on the couch and then go up to bed when we wanted.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend….whenever we go to my parents’ house it’s so relaxing! They have a huge house in the woods…and the city they live in really only has the university, so there’s not much to do, which was horrible when I lived there, but now that I want to go and do nothing, it’s great! I think we’ll probably come back Monday afternoon, which will give us a nice 3 days down there.

What about you? Any Labor Day plans?

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Amy W said...

No plans, going to stay at home and relax. Unfortunatly Ernesto is still dumping rain on us, so I am hoping that will stop tomorrow.

Have a great one!