Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Disagreement Over Kids at Weddings

I just had an interesting disagreement with some co-workers…kids and weddings. My boss didn’t want or have kids at her wedding, and neither did our admin. I however, loved having kids at our wedding, and to be honest, I don’t even remember them being there (but the pictures show they were!). So two very loud and opinionated people stated that weddings are no place for kids…I told them I disagreed. The one brought up the point that people are drinking at weddings…I stated that I drink in front of my kids, which he followed up with that he meant people are getting plastered…I agreed with him that kids should be taken home long before that happens. He also said it’s so annoying how they’re always out on the dance floor…annoying? I think that’s the cutest thing! Our admin said that every wedding that she has been to with kids the kids are running around, the parents aren’t watching them, and at this last wedding that she attended she had to tell a 7 year-old multiple times to stop playing with the candles. I then pointed out that I have never witnessed any like this at any of the weddings that I have attended. My boss looked at me and said that my friends are the good parents.

Is this true? Am I lucky enough that all of my friends are good parents…(thinking)…yep, that is the case. Except for one, but the children are much older now and the misbehaving is not nearly as bad. Thank you to all of my friends that read this….you are the people that let me enjoy the weddings that I go to with all of the cute little kids all dressed up!

What about all of you? What do you think about kids at weddings? Have you had bad wedding experiences?

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Amy W said...

I think kids should be allowed at weddings. Weddings are all about families, and kids are part of families too.