Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another Night of Not Speaking

I’m still feeling pretty lousy, but at least I had a great night with the kids last night! I came home and took my little cuties outside where they played on the swing set. Then my daughter wanted to ride her bike, and I played ball with my son. Since my daughter is now 3, and rides her two-wheel bike with training wheels pretty good, I want to start preparing her to take the training wheels off…maybe next summer! So I asked her if she wanted to ride around the block. Of course she said “yes”, so I put my son in the stroller and off we went! She actually rode fast enough for me to walk at a good pace! Then we came home and played on the deck until dinner was finished. Insert big complaint: I noticed that my husband had taken meat out of the freezer and was thawing it under hot water, but by now it was 7:15 and we still hadn’t eaten (and it wasn’t even on the grill yet). I realized that he was in on his computer doing his fantasy football. So I started making dinner (I swear, only for the kids, because if they weren’t so hungry there’s no way I was going to cook), and we finally ate. Of course, my husband and I didn’t say anything to each other. He decided that he wanted to go and look at the house and was going to take both of the kids…but then my daughter and I started looking at the new costume magazine that had come in the mail that day (with a Dee Dee Doodlebop costume in it!), and my husband asked me if I was going, and of course there was no way I wanted to be in the car with him and not talking for 20 minutes, so I said “no”. My daughter decided to stay home with me, which was great because we just kept looking at that magazine over and over again, and then I brushed her teeth and she settled into bed with me. She must have been really tired because she only watched TV (House Hunters on HGTV…addicted to it!) with me for a couple of minutes and then she turned over and went to sleep. I was awakened yet again by my husband coming up and taking a shower…I think he’s just trying to prove me wrong, but even if he isn’t it’s just plain rude to wake me up every night.

We’ll see what tonight brings…he plays basketball and my mom is coming up because she watches the kids tomorrow. I’m sure it will be just like last night….it’s so hard because the weekend is coming up and I hate the no-talking thing. I have great plans for the weekend…our local Dippin’ Dots is having their grand opening party, and Dora will be there along with a lot of other cool things. And our city is having a street fair that I want to go to…we had been planning on these things. I will go no matter what with the kids, but as I said yesterday, I feel very unbalanced when we’re in this state. There is also a HUGE football game on Saturday night…#1 plays #2 (I bet now you know where I live!) and the city is going nuts over the excitement. So even though I really can’t stand the sport of football, I will definitely be watching that game!

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Midnight Show x0 said...

so is your daughter going to be Deedee Dooodle for Halloween? That would be so cute :)

Also, I have a question concerning the Doodlebops, could you please e-mail me here:

Thank you!