Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Unexpected Shortened Work Day

I got the call yesterday from the sitter that working moms dread....“your son threw up”. Luckily, I have an awesome sitter who said that she would watch him for the next couple hours and give me a call later if he does it again (doesn’t she rock?!). Well, around 12:30 she called back and said that he had thrown up a total of 5 times, so I told her I was on my way! I picked the kids up (my daughter was very happy to see me!) and took them home. I took my son up to his crib and he went right to sleep. I gave my daughter lunch and then she took a nap…they both slept for two hours! When my son woke up, he kept pointing to the sippy cups and saying “dink”. So I bit the bullet and gave him a little bit of water. 45 minutes later I realized that he had kept it down, and he was ready to go back to bed. When he woke up he wanted more water, and we gave him some banana and wafer cookies (no plain crackers in the house). He kept it all down! So basically, my poor sitter had to deal with all of the clean-up and crankiness and I just had to keep putting him to sleep because his little body was worn out. So what could have been a horrible afternoon/night turned out to be fairly easy…I was even able to get some work done so that I didn’t have to take PTO since I left work! Have I mentioned how much I love my job???

Today during lunch I’m meeting with the cable/phone guy at our new house to show him where we want cable run and get our grand total of additional cables and speaker wires. I swear, we know the total price of our house, but by the time we meet with the electrician, cable/phone, lighting and landscapers we will have spent at least an extra $6,000. Oh well, at least our house will be the way we want it and we won’t someday say “oh, I wish I had put an outlet here”…I added an outlet above the door in my master bathroom so that I could mount a TV in there to watch while I’m getting ready…I have hated not being able to catch up on the news and stuff in the morning.

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