Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What a Weekend!

What a weekend. I’m not really sure if it was good or bad. It started off great! The kids were down at my parents’ house and Friday night we had our meeting with the lighting company to pick out the lights for the new house. And let me tell you, if I hear the word “upgrade” one more time I’m going to scream! Surprisingly we actually did take the “included” fixture a couple of times (maybe for the lights in the closet?), and our bill totaled less than our budgeted amount, so we’re good! Then my husband had made reservations for dinner at this really neat little restaurant that’s on the river and overlooks downtown (and surprised me too, I had no idea where we were going). Then we went home, packed and got the house ready for the cleaning guy and left for my parents’ at 11:00 that night.

Not surprising to us, my daughter was still awake when we came in at 1:45 am. We visited a little and then went up to bed. The next morning my hubby let me sleep in while he got up with the kids. I heard him put my son back down for a nap, and I heard the croupy sound while he was crying….yep, sick again. We figured he must have gotten it from one of the sitter’s kids since they all went back to school. Then my daughter slowly started developing a runny nose and cough too. Anyway, that day we set up our tailgate for the first football game, and it rained, the whole time. So I decided there was no way I was going to stay for the game or let the kids come (they were still at home napping and were supposed to come to the game when they woke up). So I spent a wonderful night at the house with my kids and my dad. That night, I got the kids to sleep and hubby, my sister, other sister, her boyfriend and myself went out. It was just like our college days! We even went to a new bar that was opened this year by someone we graduated high school with. We had a lot of fun! Sunday was spent hanging out…I took my daughter “up town” to a cute little store that has stationary and scrapbooking stuff. She LOVES pens and paper, so I told her I would get her some really neat pens…she got some glittery-ink pens, gel pens and little pens! She loved it!

On Monday we loaded up and set off. It was hard because my dad is really attached to my son (I only have sisters, so my dad never had a boy around), and I swear I can almost see tears each time he has to leave him. My son calls him “papaw”, and he’s the only person in the world that my son will jump out of my hands to go to. Even when he woke up from his naps all weekend, I would go in and get him and all he would do was point to the door and say “papaw”. Luckily my parents are building a house right next door to us, so the saying “goodbye” thing won’t have to be an issue much longer!

Then last night I was up a good part of the night with my two sick kids. The Vicks waterless vaporizer is the best thing in the world, but the problem is that I only have one of those, but I have two kids. So I had it in my daughter’s room with the door closed for a while, and then I took it over to my son’s room. Whichever kid had it in their room slept fine, so at lunch today I ran out and bought another one. Hopefully tonight they will both sleep soundly and I can actually get some sleep! I’ll let you know tomorrow!

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Amy W said...

Sickness and kids - isn't it great? I hope everyone feels better soon.