Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Fun Wednesday Night...

Last night was a great family night!

I took Kylie to gymnastics, and when I got home, we got the boys ready to go to the park. I had to go in and get Colton up from his late nap and then we were ready to go!

When we got to the park, I put Colton in his stroller and gave him some crackers (since he slept through dinner) and his water and then John and I played basketball with the older two boys. It was a great workout for me! Ryan got bored after a little bit, so I took him and Colton over to the playground. We played there for a while, and then Ryan wanted to go and see the pool (this park is attached to the Powell pool). It was exciting looking at it because we have decided to get a membership this year, so I can’t wait to spend days in the sun and water! But we haven’t told the kids yet :) I just can’t believe that we still have two months until it opens! This weather is messing with me – I feel like it should be opening in a couple of weeks!

We played at the park until about 8:00 and then headed over to the gym to get Ky. Ryan and I walked in and watched her until she finished up at 8:30 and then headed home. My dad came up early this week, so he came over and chatted with us and Ryan went back to his house with him to spend the night. My parents switched with Miss G and are watching the kids today instead of Friday.

After we got the kids to bed (super late I might add), John and I worked on the songs and slides for our New Kids’ Bloc that we are kicking off tomorrow night. It’s a big Eggstravaganza! We’re having a big carnival kick-off event and then every-other week we’re going to have the kids come in for a small group type thing. It’s for kids ages 2 to 5th grade – it should be fun!

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