Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Good Evening...

Last night was another out-of-the-ordinary night for our family :)

I was told yesterday at work that for the first time in over two years I was getting a raise. It’s very small, but hey, I’m not complaining! With that piece of good news, plus the fact that I had planned on pulling something out of the freezer (i.e. fish sticks or corn dogs) for dinner, and the cleaners had come that day and I didn’t feel like messing the kitchen up so soon, we decided to go out to dinner.

What’s funny, is with our new money-saving attitude, going out to dinner still meant that we were using a gift card and a coupon from the paper :) We headed over to O’Charlie’s (it was just the boys and us…Kylie was at Rachel’s) and had a great dinner. I got a really good drink (my celebration) and Colton cracked me up with his yelling “Dadda” at everyone that walked by and giving cheesy grins to the server.

After dinner we headed over to Ulta for me to pick up some foundation. It’s funny, again with this money-saving mentality, I have been thinking about this foundation for a week now. Before, I would have bought it the minute I wanted it, but now, I went to Ulta last week and tried it on. I wore it the rest of the day and then thought about it for a week and had finally decided that I wanted it. What a change! But when I looked at how much money I was spending on make-up it was sickening! So now I’m going through all of the stuff I already have and coming up with new looks (thanks to youtube!).

After that we picked Kylie up and once we got home, everyone got ready for bed. It was a good night that didn’t involve any cooking or clean-up :)

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Sherry said...

Congratulations on your raise. It's about time they recognized you and your work!!
Wish I had your will power w/ spending haha, I spend then regret later. You, well now you think about it first, that's the way to do it!!!