Thursday, March 22, 2012

Warm Weather, Tornado Warnings and a Birthday...

Wow…this week has really been flying by! Part of the reason is because I have taken on a new responsibility at work for a few weeks that has just been eating all of my time and my days are flying by!

So last weekend was gorgeous! We were all outside most of the days and just enjoying the beautiful, above normal temperatures for this time of year. Late Sunday afternoon, we headed over to the mall to get the kids some shoes and Kylie some clothes. We were in the mall for about two hours, and when we came out, it was very dark and stormy-looking outside. We also heard the tornado sirens going off. So John quickly pulled up the radar on his phone and told us to get in the car quickly as the rain was about to let loose!

We got in the car, and our original plan was to stay put until the storm passed, but as the sirens were going off and the warnings were coming through the radio, we realized that we needed to get into a building. So we headed over to Dick’s Sporting Goods, which is where Joshie had been dying to go the whole time so he could get his new basketball. So we pull in the parking lot and in the pouring rain, I grab Ryan and Josh and Kylie follow me running while John grabs Colton. Once inside the store we shake off the water and start looking around. The kids were scared and I felt bad that no matter what I said to comfort them, they were still scared. Kylie was scared that the car was going to blow away with all of her new clothes in it :)

After a little bit, someone came over the intercom and said that anyone that wanted to was welcome to go back in their break room, so we headed back there to ride out the storm. We grabbed some snacks from the vending machine and sat and watched the news for storm updates. We were probably on in there 10 minutes before everything had passed and we could buy Joshie’s basketball and leave.

That night we watched the OU game and Dad got us all some KFC. It was a great ending to a wonderful weekend!

This whole week the kids have been on spring break. And better yet, my dad has been on spring break, and for the first time ever he has been up here the whole time! The kids have been spending the night over at his house each night and he has been hanging out with them each night. He has been having dinner with us each night and it has really been super nice having him around so much!

Another great thing about this week has been the weather! We have had record highs for three days this week and it has been absolutely gorgeous! Who would have ever thought it would have been 85 degrees during the middle of March??? It’s awesome!

Yesterday was John’s birthday. He’s not a big birthday person, which really annoys me because I am :) So every time I would ask him what he wanted to do, he would say “I don’t care.” So for his dinner, he picked Taco Bell (yes, you read that right), and then we headed to Rita’s for first day of spring free Italian Ice’s. We actually celebrated his birthday on Tuesday because he had a church meeting last night, and also, because I had to give him his present as soon as possible :) The kids and I and my parents got him a ticket to see the Bobcats play in the Sweet 16 tournament in St. Louis! I also got Josh a ticket. The two of them were picked up at 4:00 AM this morning by our brother-in-law and John’s brother. Joshie texted me at 7:00 saying they were in Indy. I have never seen two people more excited! John’s dad is already down there with the team.

So it’s been a crazy busy week, but a great one! It makes me really excited about this summer…I know it’s going to be full of activities and tons of fun…I love warm weather!!!

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