Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today I had a meeting with the principal at the kids' school. I would like to get a crossing guard in our neighborhood, so we walked out there so I could show her the area and where kids come from when they walk to school.

After we were done, I hurried into the cafeteria just as Josh's class was leaving. I waited and saw Kylie waiting in the hallway to come in to eat and went and talked with her and her friends. Kylie was excited to see me and gave me a big hug! I sat with them for about half of their lunch time and then headed out to the playground to see Joshie.

Now normally, one might be worried about finding their child amongst tons and tons of little kids over a large area of playground. But not me. I knew right where my little boy would be...the basketball hoops :) And after he was done shooting and looked over and saw I was there, he ran up and gave me a huge hug. He kind of hung around for a while and I urged him to keep playing and not miss his recess and that I would stand there and watch him. I could not have picked a better day to be there...March 14th and it is perfectly clear and sunny and 75 degrees...I was in heaven!!!

So I watched him play for 15 minutes, and then the whistle blew and the kids made their way over to the fence to line up to head back to class. Joshie walked with me, and when he got to the line, I hugged him good-bye and started to walk through the kids to leave. All of a sudden Joshie was back in front of me giving me another hug. Talk about melting my heart! I love that little cutie so much! And it makes me sad to think that someday soon he won't be caught dead hugging his mom, so for now, I will cherish each and every hug and beg for me to come to lunch with him :)

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Sherry said...

Perfect right? And you are so right to cherish those hugs and smiles on the kids faces cause you are at their school. I believe though in your case, your children will always be happy to see you and never ever ashamed to show their affection in front of their friends. They know the meaning of love and will always be proud to show their friends how much they love you!!!