Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weekend Recap...

Last weekend was another fabulous one!

John and Josh left for St. Louis at 4:00 AM on Thursday morning. The other kids and I got through Thursday evening with nothing much going on outside of Kylie’s gymnastics. That night Ryan slept with me in my bed because Kylie had gone over to my dad’s (since it was spring break) and I really didn’t have a good reason why he couldn’t sleep with me.

Friday after work I came home and Dad and I loaded the kids up and headed downtown to the CBJ game. My brother-in-law won tickets and a suite for the night, so he invited us, his family, and some friends. The kids were super excited! It was Colton’s first game and he was glued to the ice for the first 10 minutes – he loved it! Then he had a blast walking around the suite and eating my food :) There was another family there that had boys Ryan and Colton’s age, so that was great! We also had the Bobcat game on the TV so we got to watch the OU game and the CBJ game :)

We left the arena with about 6 minutes left in the hockey game and 15 minutes left in the OU game. We rushed home and pulled in the driveway just as the Bobcats went into overtime. We carried Ryan and Colton up to bed (who had fallen asleep right away) and watched as the poor Bobcats couldn’t hang on :( Dad left to go home, I finished cleaning up the house, and Kylie slept in my bed with me that night. At 12:30 AM I heard my text message ding and sleepily went downstairs to see who it was. This was the message from John:

We are coming home now…don’t set the alarm…let me know you got this.

Crazy guy! So I told him I got it and went back to sleep. Sure enough, at 7:00 AM, John and Josh came in and promptly put themselves to bed :) The slept in a while and then we all had a great day catching up with each other once they woke up. It turns out they were able to sell their Sunday game tickets for $100 bucks each!

Saturday night John and I went out with some friends for dinner and to see The Hunger Games. I had been looking forward to this for so long! I was planning on going by myself once I got John his tickets, but I was super excited that he was able to go with me after all!

We met our group at a Mexican restaurant where we had a fabulous dinner and our friends got John and shot and dessert for his birthday. Seeing him with a huge sombrero was quite funny :) After dinner we rushed over to the theater and got ready to watch the movie!

I loved the movie! John watched the OSU basketball game on his phone while he watched the movie, so I’m not sure how much he actually saw (he wasn’t giving it a fair chance anyway – he had his mind made up before we went in there). And twice he phone shouted out “it’s March madness” in the quiet theater – I was not happy! :)

Sunday we went to church and then came home and relaxed. John ran an errand to get some stuff to get the mower ready and I took a tiny nap. We played with the kids and just had a relaxing, great day!

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