Thursday, March 08, 2012

Another Fun Night...

Another fun night last night!

It was gorgeous outside, so I fed the kids a quick dinner and just as they were finishing, there was a knock at the door from the neighbors. They went out and played for a few minutes before we had to take Kylie to gymnastics. After we dropped her off, we were off to get Joshie a new bat.

Joshie is going to try out for coach-pitch Little League this year. Based on his age, he’s still supposed to be in t-ball (what a joke), but they can try out to move up. The kid is so far beyond t-ball that there is no way I could sit through a season of that! But he needed a new bat…all he had was his t-ball bat. And of course, with our new money-saving thought process, it was killing us to have to go and buy a bat. So John and the idea to check out Play It Again Sports (which was right on the way anyway). I agreed…the bat is going to get used and scuffed up anyway, who cares if we don’t get it brand new?

Ryan, Colton and I stayed in the car while they ran in, and about 10 minutes later they came out with a brand new bat that only cost $19.99!!! I guess it was last year’s model or something, but either way, it was perfect for Josh!

So we headed to the indoor batting cages to get him some practice. He is so good! His new bat worked out really well and he was doing such a great job hitting! I threw Ryan some pitches with his whiffle bat and ball and Colton was so good sitting in the stroller watching.

After Josh was done, we headed to Giant Eagle to grab a few things and then headed home. We got the little ones ready for bed and then John went back out to get Kylie. Then it was bedtime for everyone, and John and I got to watch a show together in between him running up to the computer while he was working on some things for a client. It was a great night :)

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Sherry said...

I hope Josh moves up and doesn't have to stay in T-Ball. He is awesome at what he does because of his parents taking the time to help him and practice w/ him.
Love the pics!!! Have a great day