Friday, April 06, 2012

An Overdue Update...

I have been so busy at work and at home that I haven’t had a second to write about what’s been going on in our lives. But last night we had a fun evening and got some good news, so I had to make myself take a few minutes and write it down!

When it was time to pick Kylie up from gymnastics, we all loaded into the car to get her. After we picked her up, we went to Wendy’s. John’s been telling me about the cool new drink machines that they have and I just had to try them out :) As a side note, it’s absolutely disgusting that it costs our family $30 to go to Wendy’s…I mean it’s WENDY’S!!!

Anyway, the drink machines are so cool!!! If you haven’t seen them (not sure if they’re just here in Columbus since that’s where the headquarters are or not), but they look like huge refrigerators, and there’s a big touch-screen that lets you pick your “base” pop. So I picked Diet Coke (surprise surprise), and then the next screen had options like Diet Coke with lime, with orange, with vanilla, with cherry, etc. They had this for all the different kinds of pop. They claim there are over 100 different flavor combinations. The kids had a blast trying different combos (and let me tell you, some of them were gross, but I had to try them because they loved them and were so excited to share their new discovery).

The downside to the evening was Josh talking about his spelling test (which he always does perfect on). He commented that when his friend got up to get a drink, he looked at his paper to make sure he spelled a word right. We had to really hammer into him how wrong cheating was and how much trouble he could get in. The poor kid was bawling his eyes out and scared to death that he would have to move his clip to red (it’s never been anything but green) and that he would get kicked out school. Maybe I scared him a little with those things, but I truly think he got the message and won’t even think about looking at someone else’s paper again.

After we got home, we turned on Monster’s Inc. (Ryan is obsessed with that movie right now) and we played Apples to Apples. I have to admit I had never played that before and it was so much fun! Especially the arguments that John comes up with – hilarious!

Since the kids didn’t have school today (Good Friday), they went over to Pappaw’s to sleep. Then right before I went to bed I checked my e-mail and saw that there was an e-mail from Little League (Josh had tried out to play up since based on his age, he’s still supposed to play t-ball) and he made it! So I’m so excited that we will get to watch coach-pitch games instead of boring t-ball games (although he said he wasn’t going to play t-ball if he didn’t make coach-pitch).

So a great night and a great lead-in to what I hope to be a great Easter weekend!

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