Monday, March 05, 2012

Another Weekend Recap...

The weekend went by way too quickly! We didn’t even really have anything going on, and yet it seemed to fly by!

Friday night we just hung out around the house. Kylie started working on her webpages for her Invention Convention project (, and the boys and I played. Then later, all the kids (except for Colton of course) headed over to my parents’ house to spend the night. John and I got to watch one of our shows we had DVRd (an episode of The Mentalist…our favorite show together) and then crashed.

Saturday morning we woke up fairly early and started making breakfast in a nice, quiet house :) Kylie came over around 8:15, followed by the other kids shortly after, and then Colton woke up around 9:00. We had a great breakfast of French toast and John’s potatoes that everyone loves! Then we made our bi-weekly trip out to Yutzy’s and then came home and just hung out around the house. John and Josh had lots of Streak for the Cash games going on (they are so funny with that!) and Kylie was working on her project. I played Cars 2 Monopoly with Ryan (his way of course) and watched lots of his hockey games. Kylie went over to Rachel’s house around 6:00 to spend the night. Then we had a great dinner of steak and chicken, and then the boys headed over to my parents’ again. I felt kind of motivated and did some major re-organizing and cleaning up in our owner’s retreat and then watched some TV.

Sunday was church and our weekly trip to Giant Eagle after church. Kylie went in with me (and Ryan) because she wanted to buy some lottery tickets. She and her friends each put in $2 and truly believe they are going to win the lottery so that they can start their own little town. It’s cute to hear her and Josh talk about what they would buy if they won the lottery (smartboards, X-Box, games).

After that it was lunch at home and another day of hanging out. I got to play with Colton a ton and got some cute pictures of him. Kylie worked (and stressed) on her project some more, and the boys played at my parents’. Sundays are kind of hard with Colton right now because he misses his morning nap at church, which throws his whole day off. No matter how hard I try to get him back on schedule, it never works and it ends up making the late afternoon/evening kind of miserable. But I know this phase will pass, and honestly, I will be sad when it does because he will definitely no longer be a baby when it does :(

We had a good dinner and then all watched America’s Funniest Home Videos and Shrek 2 before bed. We also turned on some college gymnastics which was fun for Kylie and I to watch. John and I finished watching that after the kids were in bed and then crashed ourselves.

Onto a new week… :)

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Sherry said...

the cutest pictures is right, oh his smile is just infectious. Great way for me to start the day, smiling right back at Colton!!! :)
Sounds like your weekend was perfect and hey if the kids win the lotto, mmmm tell them someone in WA love them!!! :)
Glad you had a nice relaxing "at home" few days instead of rushing from game to gymnastics, to this that , you deserve the quiet time.
Have a great week