Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A "Movie" Night...

Last night was a hoot!

I came home and Colton was sleeping, which I love because it lets me cook dinner without 1.) having to worry about holding him and 2.) without having to feed him before dinner’s ready. So I made dinner (sausage and rice casserole that was fantastic!) and got to talk to John and then our neighbor came over to pick her kids up, so I got to chat with her for a little bit. Then Colton woke up and we all had a great dinner.

John had his last football game last night (we thought last week was going to be the last one, but they made it to the championships), so he started getting ready for that while I played with the kids in the playroom. Colton was all over the place, Kylie was giving Ryan a makeover (not sure about that one…) and Josh was playing with the video camera that John’s parents had given him for Christmas.

I took Colton up and fed him and put him to bed, and then the older kids and I made a movie! Josh was the narrator and camera guy; Ryan was the dad that had been shrunk down and was half big person and half kid; Kylie was the teenage daughter that was trying to figure out how to get her dad big again; and I was the mom, who gets turned into a kid when Kylie’s formula doesn’t work. We had so much fun taping and then watching it!

Then it was bedtime for everyone, which of course was met with some resistance. But by 9:00 I was able to paint my nails and watch one of my shows, which was a nice ending to the day!

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Sherry said...

perfect family night. Love the idea of the movie, :) I want to see it!!!