Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ready For The Weekend!!!

One more day of work and then I get a nice long weekend! Tomorrow, John and I are headed up to Cedar Point…by ourselves! I can’t wait to ride big roller coasters and wait in line without having to entertain anyone and eat my own food without having to share and to spend some great time with John. It will be fun to jump back in time…we had season passes to King’s Island when we were in college, and I miss how we would get to spend so much time talking to each other waiting in the 2+ hour lines :)

Then on Friday, we are headed to a cabin in Hocking Hills for our birthday present. My family booked a weekend in the Hills for my whole family. Both sisters will be there, my parents and my sister’s fiancé. I’ve already started cooking the food for it…I can’t wait!

In other miscellaneous news, Kylie is doing really well with school…her teacher is so nice and Kylie really loves going everyday. The only bad thing is that she now has to be in bed by 8:30, and I hate missing time with her and she hates hearing everyone downstairs having fun without her…but she always falls asleep within minutes of lying down!

I love hearing her tell me about her day! Yesterday she was telling me all about the story that her teacher read her, and I love that she stills says “Libary” most of the time (instead of “Library”)…her little voice is so adorable!

Josh is really enjoying the extra attention during the day with Kylie gone…Jen is able to watch all hockey games, play baseball, and anything else that Josh wants. And I was really worried about this spoiling him, but he does fine when we’re all together in the evenings or on the weekends…he doesn’t expect anything! He’s also now into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is so cute! He and John fall asleep on the couch many nights watching old episodes.

Ryan has crawled forward a few “steps” lately…but you can’t clap for him if he does, because otherwise he looks at you, smiles, pushes himself back to his butt and starts clapping for himself. It’s so adorable! He is such a happy baby…he whines when he’s getting bored, but it takes a lot for him to full-blown cry. He always has a smile on his face! I believe he is starting to repeat “no” back to us by shaking his head. There have been about 5 times I have told him to do something (“say goodnight to Grandma”) or told him I’m going to change his diaper, and he sakes his head “no” at me! It appears to be very deliberate!

I think that’s it for the updates…I’m sure I’ll have a huge update post next week after our wonderful weekend! And keep your eyes out for a book review…it will be posted next Tuesday!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Sherry said...

Just have to tell you, I ready your blog first thing in the moring while I am having coffee, and girl you just get my day off to a fantastic start. The love you and your husband have for each other, the "stolen" times it's just you two, well heck not to be sappy, but makes my heart swell!! Then when you speak of your children and their indivdualities the love you have for them just beams off the computer screen.
And your entire family, parents, siblings etc, it's just amazing to me. You all get along so well, and do so much together.
You have the "perfect" life and I so admire that. I just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog and just how much you uplift my spirits and bring a smile to my face each day.
Have a fantastic weekend, but I know you wil!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have an amazing weekend :)