Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Missing Joshie Already!

Joshie is leaving today to go down to spend the rest of the week with the grandparents, and I’m going to miss him like crazy!

My parents graciously offered to take the kids this coming weekend so that I could easily get ready for Ryan’s birthday party - what’s that? You didn’t know a whole year had passed? Me neither…I think something funny happened because there is no way my little boy has been with us for a year…absolutely no way. But anyway…I thought it might be nice for Joshie to visit John’s parents by himself for a few days before that, since he had a way to get down there and back easily.

He’s super excited…he even packed his own clothes (with some review from John afterwards). And it will definitely be nice to get some good time with Kylie – if she takes time out of playing with the neighborhood kids to hang out with me :) And I don’t know what John’s going to do…his new thing is to sit down on the couch with Joshie each night watching either Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or football and fall asleep. He’s going to be so lonely!

But alas, I do have a party to get ready for, and since it’s a first birthday, that does mean I have to make two cakes – one for eating and one for smashing! So I’m sure this week will go by very quickly. Add to that the fact that the weather is absolutely gorgeous (high in 80’s or high 70’s and sunny all the time), so I read my book outside during lunch and as soon as we get home from work we are playing until the sun goes down, and that always makes time fly by.

I hope Joshie has a ton of fun and I hope I get to see a bunch of pictures (hint hint Jodes :) ).


Anonymous said...

How nice he gets some time with his Grandparents and they get him all to themselves!

A year?! ALREADY?! Hush up....that's crazy talk!

I would LOVE to have your weather. Monday and Tuesday were fantastic here, but today? Overcast and chilly--I think it's only 60 or 61.

Kim said...

What book are you reading?? Are you still reading Fearless? I need a new book and I am taking suggestions. I feel like I am in the need of some serious guidance.