Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Party Recap...

The third-child-syndrome is completely real. I know, because I am a contributor to the cause. Ryan turned 1 this past Sunday, and we had his party on the same day. His party was no where near the scale of Kylie or even Josh’s, and while I felt bad because I felt like I was cheating him out of something, I also felt a huge sense of relief because I didn’t have the normal party stress that comes with having a huge shindig.

I made his cakes on Thursday and Friday. Then on Saturday I put on the first coating on icing. I also made homemade salsa for the first time that came out pretty good. John had gone down to the Bobcats game, so in between icing and cutting up tomatoes, Kylie, Ryan and my mom and I hung out outside on the hammock and trampoline. I had a nice sense of peace and no stress.

Sunday morning we went to church. After church we actually went to lunch with a bunch of friends! That’s shocking since I could have never done that before…I would have had too much last minute stuff to do. After lunch we stopped at the store for some last-minute stuff (blow up the balloons and get more icing so that I could decorate the cakes). We got home around 2:30 and the party started at 4:00.

It only took me about ½ hour to decorate the cakes (this year I went for taste…the cakes aren’t that great looking, but they tasted fantastic!), and then we hung up streamers and got all the food out and ordered the pizzas. At 4:00 we were ready!

Ryan had gone down for his nap at 3:15, so he was still asleep while we all ate and hung out. I finally woke him up at 5:15 so that he could come down and have his cake. He was hungry for dinner, but we needed to get this party moving! So I loaded him up in the high chair and we sung and waited to see what he would do.

He dug in a little bit, but in the end, he did not get near as messy as Kylie or Josh. He liked eating the cake and frosting, but he really didn’t get that messy! Towards the end I saw that he kept itching his neck. I walked over to him and saw that his neck and around his mouth was all red…so something in the cake or icing was bothering his skin. So I took him up and gave him a bath. Thankfully, within about 15 minutes of his bath he was all better!

He sat down to open his presents and he actually helped a tiny bit :) He got some great clothes which are adorable, a baby mp3 player (indestructible!), a gumball-like machine that holds balls, a baby cell phone, a book, the classic rings toy thing, some adorable trucks and road signs to play with, and from the looks for giant box on my parents’ porch, and huge “cozy-coup” type car that is a truck (we haven’t opened it yet).

After everyone left we cleaned up and he ate dinner :) He ate a ton of pizza and some bananas. After that he played with his toys, and then it was bedtime! Kylie didn’t have school on Monday, so she came up to watch some TV with me and fell asleep with me, which was a super nice treat.

So while it was laid-back and almost “boring,” I had a ton of fun and was able to talk to people and really enjoy the party!

Ryan Opening Presents... from Debbie on Vimeo.


Sherry said...

From the looks of everything Ryan was in no way cheated on his birthday!!! And hey it's good you could have a relaxing day, time to enjoy more etc cause oh yeah as he gets older , his party are going to be just as hectic and fast paced as Kylie and Josh's!! Trus me there and come on, you know it's true!!! :0
The pictures are great, I tell you Ryan's eyes are awesome and he is so handsome, but yeah you know that huh?? Love the family picture, what a beautiful family too, all so perfect, beautiful, handsome and photgenic!!
Great post Deb, you know I love it!!

Kim3278 said...

Debbie. The cakes were beautiful. I love the pans. Where ever do you find these things. You are an amazing mom! And so creative. Give yourself the credit that is due!