Thursday, September 24, 2009


Joshie is a hoot!

Thankfully, it is hockey season again (didn’t it just end?). John took Joshie to a pre-season game the other night and he had a blast! And because it’s hockey season again, the games in the playroom have exploded! Josh always has to check his computer to see if there’s a game that day, and many times he comes back to report that there are 5 games that day!

You never know who will be playing, or how Joshie will be dressed :) His obvious favorite team is the Columbus Blue Jackets. But he’s sophisticated enough to know that they can’t play all the time. So sometimes it’s The Flyers vs. The Wilds, or sometimes it’s The Red Wings vs. the Penguins, etc. So he tries to dress accordingly. The other night it was the Red Wings vs. the Wilds, and therefore he had on his red pajamas (because duh…it’s the RED wings), his red CBJ hat (which I questioned him about but he said he was wearing it because he didn’t have a Red Wings hat), and his feet stuffed into the Elmo slippers that I think are a size 5 (way too small). He was definitely a sight to see!

Joshie playing hockey for the Red Wings :) from Debbie on Vimeo.

Another great thing that has started is football season. Joshie loves playing football with the neighbor boys, and for the first time is actually playing on a team with the boy that lives behind us. They had their first practice last night and it was the cutest thing I’d ever seen! And to give them credit…they actually had a good practice! Unfortunately, though, I forgot my camera (shocking I know…I have no idea where my mind was). So these couple of pictures from my phone will have to suffice until his next practice on Monday.


Sherry said...

Now those "red wing" hockey pics are priceless!!! Elmo and all haha I love it. And you phone takes nice clear pics , the ones of football practice came out great.
MMM not sure if you are aware or not, but your Josh is totally into sports!! :) He is adorable and knows what he wants, likes and what he can do. That is amazing for his age and know why he is like that? Cause he has the very best mommy and daddy in the world. See Deb it's al in your family life, yours is awesome and your children well rounded, happy and involved. Ahhhhhhhhhh can it get any better than that??
You, forgetting your camera?? OH NO!!!

Kim3278 said...

OMG Josh in football. I might have to scope out a game myself. Is is flag? My neighbor's little boy is playing flag football this year through I-9???