Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Birthday Weekend Recap

I had a great birthday weekend!

Since we filed our 10-Q on Friday, my boss let me have the rest of the day off, which was a great birthday surprise! So I went and had lunch with my great friend Sarah at a local hot dog joint that I love. She gave me a set of really nice margarita glasses and a bucket of margarita mix. I loved them!

Then I went home and found my house beautifully decorated by my kids! Jen had helped them hang streamers all over and they had made me a wonderful sign that said "Happy Birthday" and had each of their handprints, including Ryan's, as well as the date. It's such a special momento!

They had also hidden a ton of birthday notes! I still haven't found all of them. But Kylie has them all logged in a notebook, so if we forget about any of them, she can look them up :)

Friday night we headed over to Chick-Fil-A and had a fun dinner with friends. It was a different experience though because had linens (i.e. table cloth) and it was sit-down style with servers! I was very impressed! After dinner we headed over to our old neighborhood (because the party was in the city we used to live in) and got to visit with one of our former neighbors and good friend. It was so good to see her!

Saturday we got up and headed outside, and then out to pick up my cake and some miscellaneous items. I then went and got my hair done (actually got 2 inches cut off!) and then headed home ready for my party!

We ordered Chinese take-out. Taking the kids out to eat just isn't relaxing for me. Don't get me wrong, they are awesome and I can take them anywhere, but they are still kids, and especially Ryan, need to be kept occupied. So we got our food, and also made a run to the liquor store to pick up some tequila to go with my new margarita glasses and mix.

The food was fantastic...we sat outside in the driveway and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. After dinner the kids were able to go and play with the little boy that lives behind us, and I was able to sit and relax! I then opened my presents, which were:

-a new awesome shower head (from John and the kids)
-the plate that goes under my gravy boat in my china set (thanks to my parents)
-an awesome GHD flat iron that I have been wanting for forever! (thanks to John's parents)
-my gift certificate to Papertreyink.com (from John's sister)
-a family getaway in a cabin in the hills over Labor Day weekend with my whole family and either dinner out with john or zipline canopy tour (from my parents and my sisters)

After presents we had cake. I picked up a cake I've been dying to try. It's a strawberry cream cake from a local Asian bakery and it was so very good! And it was so nice because my sister cleaned up everything after dinner and got out the cake and cut it for everyone and cleaned it all up...she was a huge help!

After that we just hung around and relaxed until it was time to go to bed (I thought Aunt Cindy might be staying with us because the kids conned her into laying with them while they fell asleep!).

Sunday we went to church and then came home and I made a really good breakfast pizza. After that we went outside and didn't come back in! We played with the kids, and then our neighbors came over and hung out with us the rest of the afternoon (their kids play with our kids a lot, so we get some nice time to relax). We all ordered pizza and ate dinner out on the driveway. We finally dragged the kids in around 9:00 and got them bathed and into bed.

It really was a great birthday weekend! Then last night was Front Porch Monday, which I have changed to "Margarita Monday," and below is a picture of our wonderful drinks and the bowl of cake and ice cream I was having. And then there was this little boy that did not want to go to sleep, so he joined us for a little bit :)


Anonymous said...

That? Sounds like THE perfect birthday weekend. So happy for you :)

Sherry said...

WOW awesome from your expected early leave from work, to your decorated house, the notes I love, you supper, relaxing while the kids played, ALL your awesome gifts!! A perfect b'day for a p'fect person!!!