Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Great Weekend!

What a weekend! Friday I got out of work at lunch time and met Jen and the kids over at California Pizza Kitchen and had a great lunch out on the patio. After lunch we headed to the shoe store and got Kylie and Josh new shoes. After that we headed over to the fountains. The kids played a little bit, but they were more interested in the huge train display they have there, so they watched the trains more than they played in the water. Ryan on the other hand, loved the water!

Friday night we went to a new Japanese restaurant that opened right by our house. We all had a lot of fun and the food was really good.

Saturday we went grocery shopping for 3 1/2 hours! We had so much to get...we got Kylie's school supplies, and we went to another store to get a baby gift for our neighbors that just had a little boy. We grabbed some lunch and everyone ate in the car, and then we ended up at the actual grocery store. The kids got to play in the play area at Giant Eagle, so all we had to do was keep a very tired Ry-Ry occupied for a while :) I gave that job to John while I got the groceries. 2 carts later we headed home and the kids headed outside to play.

I made a meal for our neighbor that just had her baby boy and took it over to her, and then we all sat down to eat our dinner (my mom and dad were there too). After dinner my parents took the kids and John and I went on a bike ride. We rode up to the center of town to Rita's, which has awesome Italian Ice. We sat outside on the step and enjoyed eating our dessert and people watching.

Sunday was church and then spending the entire day outside. It was super hot, so we got the baby pool out and the kids played in that as well as back on the swings and trampoline. Our neighbors came out (their kids were at their grandparents) and sat in the driveway with us for a few hours. Ryan took a super long nap so when he woke up he was ready to play! I put him in the pool for a while, which he loved. Then I soaked John with some of the pool water and he tried to pick me up and throw me in the pool. The kids (all three of them) went ballistic! I have never heard them scream so loud! You would have thought that I was going to be hurt or something. So John had to sit them down and explain that we were just playing, and that it was OK because I was playing too. Poor little Ry-Ry though...his little lip was out and he was not happy since the other ones were not happy!

The weekend ended with us actually eating dinner at dinner time (we usually eat so late on Sundays) and actually come in early and getting to bed at a decent time. The only bad thing was Ryan decided it was play time between 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM. He was giggling and laughing at us while we were trying to sleep.

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Sherry said...

Oh look at Kylie, love her in that shirt and that last pic of her awesome!! Blow that up and frame that one, wow.
All the pics are great and love Ryan's hat it's adorable. The water fountain, fun and the trains, yeah I would be fascinated by them too.
All that time shopping?? YIKES you had to have been exhausted yet you still went home and made dinner for your neighbors. Girl you ROCK!!!
Glad you had a great weekend