Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wednesday Night Recap...

Last night was a good night! While we were making dinner (grilled mini-cheeseburgers, hasbrowns, grilled peppers from the garden and fresh grape tomatoes from the garden) we sat outside and watched the kids play.

Kylie helped me open the box that my order from came in, and we ooohhed and aaaahhhed over everything that came (I got some paper, ink pads, a stamp set and some ribbon). This made Kylie want to scrapbook, so I told her after dinner we could go and do that!

We ate outside, and then the kids went off to play while I fed Ryan and John and I just hung out. After a while I noticed how late it was, and I told Kylie that if she wanted to scrapbook, we had to go in and do it now. So she shockingly left her friends, I put Ryan on a blanket in the front yard with some toys so that he could watch the baseball game that was getting ready to start in the court, and Kylie and I headed inside.

Kylie and I started right in. She wanted to make a princess paper doll with my Cricut, and I started cleaning up my stuff, which still hadn't been put away from the crop I went to a few weeks ago. Luckily, my scraproom faces the front, so I opened the window so that I could hear if Ryan got too fussy. I peeked out and saw the little neighbor girl, who just turned 2, trading pacies with Ryan. Those two are so cute together and how happy would I be if they got married :) Anyway, the little girl's mom walked over towards them, and the little girl pointed her finger to her and said "I be good mom." And Ryan was loving it!

I also noticed that more boys had accumulated in the court for baseball...I had no idea who they were, but everyone seemed to be having fun! Kylie looked out and then looked at me and said "is it alright if we go out and play?" She didn't need to ask me twice!

So the kids played, and after a while we had to drag them all in for baths and bed. It was a fun night...I'm dreading the end of summer because of how much I love nights like that!

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Sherry said...

Sounds like a perfect evening in the neighborhood. Scrapbooking can be done on the cold winter nights, right?
You just paint such a perfect picture of how life should be and just give me such a lift. I love your post and the vivid descriptions if everything going on!!