Friday, August 21, 2009

It Has Started...

Yesterday was a big day in our school district. It was the day that you could logon and see who your teacher for this upcoming year was (as in, whose class you will be in next Wednesday…there’s nothing like leaving it to the last minute here people). I forgot to bring our login information with me to work, and then last evening completely forgot about it. Around 8:30 Kylie gets a call from one of her friends. I jump up and find her stuff and login (which was interesting since I had never done this before).

Kylie was going crazy…she just kept saying “please let me be in Mrs. So and so’s class, please!” I couldn’t believe my first grader was like this…I didn’t think it would happen until like 3rd grade. As soon as I got into the website I screamed and said “Kylie, you’re in Isabella’s class!” So then she had to call Isabella back and tell her, and then she had to call her friend Jordyn and she found out that Jordyn is in her class too! And then she found out that a few more of her friends are in her class too!

I was so happy that she was in class with her friends. Last year she was in Jordyn’s class but not Isabella’s (who she met at recess since both classes had recess together). But I wasn’t super worried because I knew that she would meet friends…heck, all the kids from the MW Kindergarten class would be there with her now, and she had never met any of these kids! But I’m glad that the first day she will have friends to talk to, and have lunch with, and play with at recess (on the big playground now!).

I’m so excited about this year…two of our neighbors/good friends have boys that Kylie plays with going into Kindergarten, so she’ll see them in school sometimes. And Kylie is so excited about starting school! I hope first grade is everything she hopes it will be!

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Sherry said...

Oh heck yeah they are starting younger and younger huh? :) yeah Kylie got in with her friends, makes it easier to get her up and going in the mornings!!!
She will be the most "popular" I bet!!!!