Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Little Tuesday Night Detour...

Did you know that last night was "National Night Out Against Crime?" Neither did we...until our kids told us that there was something going on in town and they wanted to go to it.

Just by luck, my in-laws picked up Kylie and Josh and took them to the park and the splash pad. The splash pad is by the police station, so Kylie took them in and introduced them to Miss Patti, who is the super nice police dispatcher that gives Kylie and Josh candy. She told them that there were going to be activities that night in honor of National Night Out. So after Kylie's gymnastics, we headed over to the city building.

There was a fire truck out so the kids could look at it and touch things, two fireman ready to answer questions, two police cars out for the kids to play in (those are nothing special to our kids since the police seem to live at our house and let the kids play in the cars all the time), and a couple of tents set up with freebies. Josh got a new bike helmet (Kylie didn't want one), they got coloring books, story books, stickers, badges and poker chips, and they also had a band playing. We also got free Ritas Italian Ice (for those of you not local it's awesome ice cream-like yumminess!).

The funny thing about the whole thing was that it was not advertised at all, and the staff to guest ratio was about 3:1. But the kids had fun. I, however, was not enjoying the fact that we did not have a stroller for Ryan, and have I mentioned lately how fat and heavy he is?

It was a fun thing to do on an overcast, somewhat chilly August evening!


Sherry said...

So how did the kids know something was going on in town? If it was National night out, wonder why it wasn't advertised!!!
Glad you all got to go though, sounds like you had a good time, well minus the stroller of course.
The pictures are awesome and Ryan has gotten so big, I just want to pinch his lil cheeks!!! :) All your children so awesome and adorable, but yeah I am not surprised, look at their parents, right?? :)

Kim3278 said...

LOL...had I known this..I would have asked you to pick up a new helmet for Tatum. She needs one..Ironically...ours no longer had them since they advertised free bike helmets on 10tv a few days earlier. :(