Friday, August 14, 2009

Gymnastics, Smashed Finger, Crawling (sort of)...

It has been forever since I have taken pictures of Kylie at gymnastics. And with this potentially being her last practice at this gym (she may be joining team, more on that another day), I decided I should get some pictures. She has come so far! She has a gorgeous back hip circle with a big cast, she is so close to her mill circle, she can do her backbend kickover from the floor, she has gorgeous roundoffs, and she has finally figured out how to run and jump on the springboard! She will probably never have Ms. Laura again, and she was really sad about that last night. Ms. Laura was her first teacher in the big gym and held Kylie's hand on the high beam for so long until Kylie was finally brave enough to do everything up there herself!

Ryan has finally started to show some interest in moving! He crawls (but more often pushes himself) backwards! He still won't go forward yet, but watch out! He's now mobile!

The bad thing that happened last night was Joshie smashed his finger in the door from the house to the garage. He was getting a juice box, and when he came out all of a sudden he started crying really loud (but not screaming, so it wasn't super bad). The top of his nail is purple, and his nail will probably fall off, but John has him convinced that would be cool if it happened (another instance I'm so glad that I have John around, but I couldn't be that calm about a nail falling off and would never utter the word "cool" about it). After about an hour he was fine, and this morning before I left he was doing really well...I swear having boys is going to give me a heart attack some day!


Sherry said...

That last pic of Ryan is AWESOME OMG what a great shot of him. Crawling backwards? tee hee too cute, but soon he will be full speed ahead and watch out world!!!
Poor Josh, how is his finger today? Brave lil man for not screaming cause I know I would and of course add a few @#@# in there too. Your hubby handled it perfectly, and like you "cool" wouldn't be a word I would have used either.
Kylie wow she is doing awesome huh? I went and watched Mikayla in gymastic's when I was I was Idaho so I can relate to all you said Kylie can do. GREAT she is mastering it so young. Our future Olympic champion in the making, go Kylie.

Anonymous said...

Kylie is such a beautiful girl :)

Ryan...seriously? It makes me want another baby.

Poor Josh :( And yeah, I wouldn't utter the word cool about it, either, but if it kept him from having a freak out, it's worth it :)