Friday, August 07, 2009

Kiddo Update...

Today I have a 1/2 day at work, and then I'm heading over to the local shopping place for lunch with the kids, shoe shopping for the kids (but not Ryan, 'cause he's no where near walking, but I'll get to that later), and then to play in the fountains. So I thought this would be a good time for a quick update on the kids.


-My little man (who is definitely not so little). He still shows no interest in moving. I was trying to work on crawling with him the other day, and he was kind of on all fours (but his butt was still touching the ground...lazy kid!), and he picked up his hand like he was going to move it, and then collapsed. He loves to sit. He is perfectly content sitting there playing with his toys. All he has to do is whine a little and someone gets him a toy that he has pushed away, or a new one if he's bored. He will stand if I hold his hands, but he will not hold on to something else and stand.

-He is a smart one though. He says "dada" and sometimes "momma." When he's in a super good mood he will try to immitate any word I try to get him to say. When he's playing with his toys and I ask him where his book is, he picks it up and holds it up to me.

-When I ask him where the fan is, he will look up, put his arm straight up in the air, poin his pointer finger, and swirl his arm around and say "woowoowoo."

-He gets super excited any time he sees John or Kylie or Josh. He loves them so much!

-He's so fat! I love it, but my arms do not (refer to point above about not wanting to move)

-He screams to communicate. I'm sure it's because he wants to be heard over Kylie and Josh, but often he will just let loose a super loud scream followed by some baby babble. I can only imagine he's saying something like "hey you people! Why on earth does no one listen to me! Ungrateful parents...I work hard at being so cute and you just stick me in this high chair/car seat/stroller all the time." Again, maybe if he understood the first point about not wanting to move he might be a little happier :)


-What a big girl she is now! I swear, every time I look at her she ages even more. She loves to wear her hair however I'm wearing mine, and she loves to have it flat ironed.

-For the second year in a row, she told me that she doesn't want a "kids backpack" i.e. a character one. My baby is gone.

-She's still have stomach issues that we're working through. Nothing super serious, but enough to annoy her.

-She loves to scrapbook with me. And she loves making paper dolls with my Cricut.

-She is an awesome reader. She can read pretty much anything I give her. My dad mailed her a letter the other day and she read the whole thing by herself.

-She's also fantastic at adding and subtracting. I heard her at gymnastics the other day asking another little girl "do you know what 40 plus 40 is? 80. Do you know what 100 plus 100 is? 200" all while jumping on the trampoline. Crazy girl!

-She is an awesome help with both of her brothers. She helps Joshie in the shower - telling him if he still has soap in his hair, etc. And she helps feed Ryan and helps entertain him. It's very obvious she truly loves them both.


-Baseball anyone? That's all this kid wants to play...every night. I'm so glad that we have a school in our front yard, because he loves going to the baseball fields that are literally 300 feet from our front yard.

-He loves Ryan...more and more as Ryan interacts more with him.

-He made the most honest comment the other day when Kylie was at the doctor's office for her stomach (mind you, this is just after we had our floors repaired and the workers were all hispanic):
Josh: Is Kylie getting her stomach cut open right now?
Jen: Oh no, she's just getting it looked at.
Josh: Oh good, because if they cut her stomach open, they might have to use dark skin to cover it up, and then I wouldn't be able to understand her.

Also, along those lines, Jen had been talking to the men doing our floors, and afterwards, Josh came running up to her and said "I could understand some of what they said! I can speak Spanish," and then Jen had to tell him that they were in fact, speaking English :)

-He has the biggest brown puppy dog eyes that just melt my heart!

-He can write any letter, and he can read a few words. He loves to color and make things...he's always making us tickets for his hockey games, and I have so many pictures from him at work! He also loves painting!

-He has taken a much bigger interest in riding his bike this year. I think we're even going to try without the training wheels before the summer is over.

-He wears his bike helmet all the time. He does it so he doesn't have to keep putting it on when he wants to ride his bike/scooter/skateboard. But he looks a little funn when he's swinging with it on :)

-He can pump on the swing! Not as high as he would like to go, but he came in last night so excited and telling me all about how now he can do it!

I think that's about it. I will have a fantastic recap of the weekend on Monday...hopefully with lots of pictures from the fountains!


Anonymous said...

Love the updates :) It's like being able to watch your kids grow up. Strange, huh? Given I've never met you guys.

Happy Weekend!!

Amy W said...

What's up with her stomach?

I wouldn't worry about him not crawling!! Once he is on the move, it's a whole different ball game!

Sherry said...

Ryan is smart in his own way, why do anything when he has all of you to do for him, right??? :) He will crawl soon enough and then walk and then watch out ,tee hee, you will be chasing after him soon enough.
Kylie sounds like a beautiful girlie girl, which is awesome.
Josh the typical baseball loving by that he is. The picture perfect family that I love, and love hearing about!!