Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Weekend Being a Single Mom...

What a weekend…and I’m not exactly sure how I mean that :)

John left to go down to Bristol, TN with some friends for the NASCAR race, and I stayed home with the kids. I’m so glad that he got to go because I go scrapbooking twice a year and he hasn’t gone anywhere fun by himself in a while.

So Friday I got home a little early and my dad was there. The kids went down for nap and I cleaned up. Then we all headed over to Fazolli’s for dinner and then went to the train store. Joshie is back into trains and I think my dad is ecstatic about that! That night Joshie went over to my dad’s to sleep, and Kylie stayed with me. She was coloring a huge picture for John, so she worked on that while I finished laundry and picked up and cleaned up the kitchen. She and I finally went up to bed around 11:30. She slept in my bed with me and I was a nice treat to be able to snuggle with her.

Saturday morning we woke up and made pancakes and sausage. After that we headed outside where it was really overcast and kind of chilly. As we were out with the neighbors (her husband had been out of town as well), it got so chilly that I had to put pants on and the kids all got jackets. Then it started drizzling. The kids didn’t mind playing in it, but I was mad because it’s August, and it was not supposed to be this cold!

Kylie had a friend come over to spend the night, so when she got there we all went inside (the rain had started coming down harder). They went off to play and Joshie and Ryan took a nap. I made some really good cookies :) We had pizza for dinner, and then I set up the tent in the playroom so the kids could lay in it and watch a movie. Joshie went back over to my dad’s to sleep and the girls finally fell asleep around 10:30.

Sunday we went to church and then came home, ate lunch and the kids all went down for a nap. Unfortunately, Ryan fell asleep in the car, so within ½ hour of Kylie and Josh going down for a nap, he was up and ready to eat and play.

That evening we went over to my uncle’s house because my aunt from NY was in town. We had a great dinner, and John was able to meet us over there. I had two very full glasses of wine :) My uncle said I looked like I desperately needed them :)

At first I was feeling really bad all weekend because I was so exhausted. But then I realized it was not the kids tiring me out…it was the fact that I was taking care of the kids, including heavy Ryan, and doing all the chores that are normally split between John and I. I realized I was doing the dishes and mopping the floor (which John always does) along with laundry and cooking (which I normally do). The kids were great all weekend, so my exhaustion is in no way because of them.

I also had a revelation that wasn’t too pretty…I hate to hear my kids yelled at or talked sternly to by anyone but us…it really bothers me. And as I was getting angry at them one time, I stopped and realized that each time I yelled or got upset, God heard me, and these are His kids. He must hate it when we get angry and yell when it’s not necessary…I would if I heard it! Unfortunately this thought did not stop the yelling or frustration at times, but when I did remember it, it made me take a step back and take a breath, which I needed.


Sherry said...

Now life of a single mom is rough huh? And now you appreiciate your hubby even more, if that's possible!! I know you two have a fantastic relationship, and this only showed you just how fantastic.
Love the pics!! :)

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