Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Today is a big day...I am officially no longer in my 20's. I am 30!

How I feel about this event in my life varies from minute to minute. One minute I'm depressed because I have always been the young one...and now "young" is moving farther and farther away. Then the next minute, I really don't care...I mean it's just a number, right?

My sister had a very uplifting thought last night - "look at everything you have accomplished and you're only 30! You have three wonderful kids, and great husband, a wonderful house and a job you love...and you're only 30!" She's so right and that's where my thoughts will lie today!

I had a DQ ice cream cake (per my request) for brunch today at work :) I will be heading out to lunch for the traditional gift lunch with my good friend Sarah from my old job, and then tonight, we're heading to Chick-fil-A for a party that my friend won. Tomorrow we will be celebrating with my family...but I'm still not sure what I want to do...I really just want to lay low and relax! Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous, so I'm hoping to get some great time outside.

I know the kids and our nanny are planning something special for me...I think it involves the hiding of notes that I do for their birthday (this fantastic woman gave me the idea), but we'll just have to wait until I get home to see what it is!

I am also filing our 10-Q today, so that's another great b-day present. I have been so super busy the last couple of weeks, it will be so nice to get that off of my plate!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I know I will!


Amy W said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Sherry said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!! And 30 just an age, a milestone that you have reached and have accomplisehed so much along the way. My goodness look around and see what you have and still so YOUNG, yes young!! Most people at 30 still have no clue where their life is going, while you are totally awesome, have the best outlook on life that I have even known, have 3 beautiful wonderful happy and content children and a husband that is perfect. So yes you celebrate and celebrate YOU , awesome person that you are.
Have a fantastic day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :)

For being 30, my friend, you've accomplished far, far more than a lot of people I know. Including myself and I've got 1 1/2 years on you.


Christy said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope it was wonderful! DQ cake sounds very yummy :)

radioactive girl said...

I had forgotten that you were so much younger than me. I'm 34, and I still feel like that number is ok. 35 on the other hand....

Happy Birthday,and I'm glad you got the birthday love notes. Isn't that the best?