Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day and Daycare

The kids have been gone too long, and thankfully they come back today!!! Yipppeeee! We went and visited a local daycare that they could go to until the nanny can start. We aren’t even sure we’re going with this nanny as she hasn’t met the kids yet. She should hopefully be coming over Saturday to play with them.

They daycare was good. It’s brand new, so in my daughter’s class there were only 3 girls, and then my son’s class only had 2 boys. I have to push him into that class though because by his age, he’s supposed to be in the baby room, but since he’s potty trained, he can move up to the three year-old class. We saw the baby room…we definitely don’t want him in there!

Since last night was our last night without the kids, hubby and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day last night. We went to Whole Foods and got two flank steaks stuffed with spinach and gorgonzola, some lemon-pepper shrimp, a Greek salad, and some macaroni salad (hubby’s request :) ). We went home and cooked it up, and hubby set the table for us while I made the butterscotch-cookie hearts I will be giving to my family.

When I went to the table for dinner, I saw all of our good china out and set up very nicely. He got us out special salad plates and salad forks! He lit a bunch of candles and turned the lights off. He really thought of everything! It was a great dinner! It tasted amazing and it was nice to talk to him without any interruptions or fighting anyone to eat their dinner!

But we’re definitely ready to have the kids back. It’s been way too long!


Anonymous said...

Your dinner sounds and looks awesome! Hope you guys had a nice little break from the kids :)

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Oh - how sweet. I think those homecooked holidays meals beat going out every time!

Sherry said...

Oh neat the kids are coming home but wow such a beautiful table our hubby set last night. I am glad you got to spend a quiet dinner together.
A great way to kick off Valentin's day and now I now today will be perfect also with the kids coming home!!!
They will love day care too!!!

Rachel said...

Yummy! Looks good!! He did a good job. Next time, though, he may want to move the cute little green booster seat.

Edie said...

Dinner sounds terrific!

I'm sure you are ready to be with your kids. I don't envy your situation at all. I hope things work out really soon!