Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So last night we headed over to the old sitter’s house to get our stuff. Hubby and I were both wondering if they would have the guts to be there or not…we knew she wouldn’t show her face after she showed what a coward she was by trying to hide behind e-mail.

But as we were picking our stuff up, her husband opened the door. Ohhhh, I was so ready! I started by pointing out that neither of the two care bears were anything like the one that his daughter ruined. He told me that his wife had bought two, and included the receipt, so that we could return them if we wanted. I made the comment that I shouldn’t have to be the one to do that. Then he made this statement “it didn’t have to be like this.” WHAT??? So hubby and I lit into him. He of course defended his wife, but to his credit, he took what we gave him and he never tried to shut the door and run away or anything, and for that, we definitely had more respect…for him. The sitter never showed her face, although we knew she was close by and could hear us yelling.

Listening to his explanations we came to the conclusion that she got in over her head and didn’t know how to get out. He kept saying that there had been problems with our kids the whole time, but she just didn’t want to bring it up to us…does that sound right to any of you? Give me a break! He didn’t understand why we kept saying how convenient it was that now they were trying to say that our kids were the problem…who would not bring that up to the parents if that were true???

I never try to claim that my kids are perfect. But we’ve had a couple sitters and of course nighttime babysitters and friends watch them, and we have NEVER heard anything like this. So I’m inclined to think that this family is completely insane, and like I said, she just got very overwhelmed with the number of kids and didn’t know how to “quit.” Someone also brought up to me that maybe her kids (and maybe even her) were jealous of us…my daughter was definitely more advanced than her daughter that was just two days younger than my daughter, and my daughter wrote about as well as her first grader, so maybe there’s some truth to that as well.

In the end, we got our venting out and hubby and sitter’s hubby shook hands and we left. We definitely felt better and I left there not wanting to set fire to their house as I had wanted to when we arrived (just kidding…sort of).

All I know is that we’re done. I never want to see them again. I never want to drive over by their house again. I never want to hear their names again!

We did have an interview with a nanny last night. She has teenage kids of her own, and she would come to our house to watch the kids. The one downside to having a nanny is that the kids don’t get any outside social interaction. She is very open to taking them to story time and stuff like that, so maybe it would work out. We have another interview with another nanny tonight, so we’ll see how that goes.

Thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement…you have no idea how nice it is to see an e-mail pop up when I’m knee-deep in work and read your support…THANK YOU!!!


ChrisB said...

Some times a nanny can work out much better because you are more in control. You call the tune and your children are in their own environment. The nanny can always take them to group activities as you discussed. Good luck with your search.

Lil Mouse said...

i agree with chrisb, especially if your kids are already in preschool or school, it shouldnt be that big of a deal, and if they already have outside activities, its even less of a big deal. i had nothing except church when i went to school and i did just fine. i was shy, but i didnt have any social repurcussions because i didnt leave the home (stay at home mom), so if i were you, i'd let your tummy be upset over pepperoni pizza than if they are socialized or not. that will take care of itself.

Rachel said...

I think a nanny is a good idea. And, like you said, she would be open to taking them to activities. You could also think about an MDO for a couple of days a week too.

I am glad that you guys were able to get some closure about the whole thing. Don't worry about who's kids did what and all that. It's over and you never have to see them again. You and your husband made the right decision.

Daddy Dan said...

I'm glad you got closure. I agree that if your kids were a problem she would've definitely brought it up earlier. If she wanted to quit why didn't she just tell you and give you a little advanced notice to find another sitter. Very immature of her.

Good luck in your nanny search. I think it's a great idea, and wouldn't the kids rather be in their own home anyway?

Sherry said...

Well I am very proud of you and your husband, you for not torching the house, and your hubby for not decking the guy out. You two acted very mature and curbed your anger. I can't say I would do the same thing, just ONE PUNCH is all, one punch to make it all better!! See, I am bad.
A nanny sounds good, and your children will adapt and be home!!!! I know you and hubby get them out so I wouldn't worry about social skills, they are well on the way to that, what with all you do as a family. You have a very strong and loving home so your children will know all the social skills and be very well rounded children. Ease your fears on that, and here's hoping you find someone soon.

Anonymous said...

I'd go with the nanny/at home thing. May be easier on the kids and on you guys in the morning and, as other said....there's things she can bring the kids to to give them socialization.

I commend the sitter's husband for being a man and talking to you and your husband. I don't believe anything he said, but he at least had the balls to show his face and to offer SOME explanation (even if it is crap).


Julie said...

I'm glad her husband had the balls to come out and speak with you all. At least you got some closure and got to release the stress of it all. Everything works out for a reason.

Lesley said...

I think things will work out for the best.
I like the idea of a nanny - I think your children will be happier in their own environment. Also, just a thought, you might want to get a nannycam so you can check up on things! (A good nanny wouldn't object to that).

Edie said...

I think the Nanny at your house is an excellent idea. If she's ok with taking them out to story time or other activities, I'd say go for it!

Glad you got all your stuff back, but hate you had to go through all that mess. Chin up! It'll be over soon!!

Anonymous said...