Monday, October 15, 2012

OU Homecoming Weekend...

What a weekend!  Let me tell you!

I left work a little early Friday so that I could get everything packed up so that we could leave for Athens as soon as the kids were out of school.  And that almost worked :)  By the time we got gas and got money out, we ended up leaving at 4:30 as opposed to the 4:00 I was shooting for.

The drive down there was one of the worst drives I’ve ever had.  The traffic was horrible and we were stop and go almost the whole way down there.  But we finally got to John’s parents’ house and Josh immediately went out to play baseball with Ryan, Mya and Aunt Mimi while the rest of us went inside and ate dinner.  We had a great night of just hanging out with everyone!

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and prepared for a long day :) I was a little worried because the weather was 28 degrees when I got up, but thankfully, buy the time we got our spots for the homecoming parade, it was sunny and a decent temperature with our jackets/sweatshirts on.  We were armed with hot chocolate and enjoyed watching the kids play until the parade came by us.

After the parade, Kylie went back to the house with those going back there, Josh went with Grandpa and Uncle Jim to the basketball team’s practice, and John and I walked Colton around the campus a little bit.  We met my dad and then headed down to tailgate park.  We went to the College of Business tailgate tent and had a wonderful lunch.  Then the boys all went down by the river and threw the footballs that they had caught during the parade.

After that, we started walking over to the football stadium for the game.  I was going to walk Colton around until he fell asleep so that he could get a nap in, while everyone went in to the game.  Luckily for me he fell asleep on the short walk over to the stadium!  So they all went in to the game and my dad and I walked around with Colton.  I had a wonderful time walking around campus and on the bike path and hanging out with my dad.  Colton ended up getting about an hour nap, which was great!

After the walk, I took Colton in to the game and we watched the Bobcats continue their undefeated season.  Some of the football players are in my dad’s class, so at the end of the game, we met them down at the gate and the boys got real OU towels and wristbands :)

After the game, we quickly packed up our stuff and left Athens.  We were so beat!  And even though we got home around 8:30, it felt like it was midnight!  John and Josh watched a little bit of the Buckeye game and then everyone went to bed.

Sunday morning was church (it was our turn to teach in the kids’ room), and then it was football time.  Thankfully, the weather was very warm for October.  Unfortunately though, it was EXTREMELY windy!  But since it was warm, it was definitely manageable.  Ryan scored a touchdown (after catching a long pass) and pulled two flags.  Josh pulled lots of flags and scored a couple of times.  And the boys were proudly sporting the pink wristbands I had gotten them (per their request) so they could be like the pros and college teams that are wearing their pink things :)

After the games, we decided to go to the grocery store on our way home so that we could be in for the night.  Josh and Ryan went into the play area and the rest of us quickly got everything we needed.  We went home, put the groceries away, and ate an early dinner (our new Sunday normal since half of us never eat lunch because of football).
Then it was bath/shower time and relaxation time! The boys watched football (where Colton fell asleep on John since he had not had a nap all day), Kylie took a long bath and watched her shows while in the tub, Ryan went over and played at my mom’s house and I got the laundry done. It really was a nice way to end the weekend!


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