Thursday, October 25, 2012

Joshie Is Just Like Me...

I learned this morning just how much Joshie is like me...

This Saturday night we have scheduled to take the three older kids to a movie.  I had not yet told them, so this is how our conversation went this morning:

me:  "have we told you where we're going this weekend?"
kids:  "no, where, where???"
me:  "maybe I should keep it a surprise"
kids: "at least give us clues!"
me:  "hard clues or easy clues?
kids: "hard clues!"
me:  (after thinking for a while because all the clues I could think of would give it away) "pop, pop"
Joshie (with a very sad look on his face): "a movie?"

I just stared at him and asked him what was wrong and why he looked so sad (I was so confused...they love movies and we never, ever get to go).

Joshie: "I wanted it to be a surprise and now I know"

Seriously, this is my kid.  I hate to have surprises ruined or to get presents early - hate it!  And apparently, he does too.  Something to always keep in the back of my mind...

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