Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A Cold Weekend...

Another weekend, come and gone :(

Friday night Kylie left with Aunt Suzie to go to her house for the weekend.  A whole weekend without my Ky-bear – not sure what I was going to do :(  Josh ended up going to a birthday party at the last minute, so John and I took Ryan and Colton to Steak ‘N Shake for dinner.  They were a lot of fun and I really like that place, especially their S’mores milkshakes that they have right now :)

Saturday morning Josh and John went to football practice and I took the two little ones to the grocery store.  I thought the play area would open at 10:00, and unfortunately, I was wrong.  So for 25 minutes I heard “is the playroom open?” 5 bazillion times.  Finally, there was an announcement over the loud speaker that it was now open and we were the first ones there!  Then the rest of the shopping trip went much smoother :)

When I got home, we got the groceries put away and then loaded up the car with Colton (Josh and Ryan went over to my mom’s house) to visit our friends that have the baby in the NICU.  The hospital has opened a whole new section since we were there 18 months ago, and it is gorgeous!  I’m always so thankful to live in a city with such an amazing children’s hospital!  The little girl is absolutely adorable and I’m praying hard that they figure out what is wrong with her.

After that we headed home and the two little boys went down for a nap and I started cooking.  We were going to have our neighbors over and watch the Ohio State game on the garage wall and have a tailgate dinner.  I made a spinach dip and a chicken-corn chili (that turned out amazing!).

We went out and froze our butts off for a couple of hours and 5 minutes before the game started Colton needed a diaper change and I decided it was time to just give him a bath and put him to bed (oh darn, that means I would have to go inside :)  ).  And by the time I got him into bed, my neighbor had decided to go inside too (we both just can’t stand the cold – we should not live in Columbus, Ohio!).  So while the boys all watched the game outside, I gave myself a little spa night.  I soaked my feet and gave myself a little manicure and pedicure.  It was great :)

Sunday was church and then football games.  It was cold.  I was miserable.  But…the good things were that since the boys had to be there early for pictures, I drove Colton around the city so that he could nap, and he ended up getting about a 45 minute nap, which worked out great.  Then we bundled up and sat in the cold for Ryan’s game.  But then it started raining, which I was not prepared for at all.  I pulled the car onto the grass (something I’m so against but I was desperate and everyone else was doing it too) and loaded Colton into the backseat.  Ryan was done by this time (he scored a touchdown and pulled a flag!!), so he and Colton played in the back of the car and watched a movie while I stood right outside it and cheered Joshie on.  I was miserable, but it was awesome watching Joshie!  He caught two interceptions I think, pulled a bunch of flags, and scored.  I was so proud of him!

After the games we headed home and John took Josh to yet another birthday party and I started cooking dinner.  Kylie came home and we visited with Suz for a while and then Josh came home and we ate dinner.  We finished the night off with a movie. 

Great weekend!

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