Friday, October 12, 2012

A Night of Searching...

Last night was another fun “nothing” night that had a not-so-fun part at the end.

John took Josh and Ryan to football practice, so that left Colton, Kylie and I for most of the evening.  It was my niece’s birthday, so I knew the first thing we needed to do was take over her birthday presents.  That is one area of my life that I’m horrible at – getting people their birthday presents on time!  I think this time was the worst because on top of taking Reese’s present over, I was also taking her brother’s – and his birthday was in June!  So I’ve already decided that this is my New Year’s resolution – birthday presents to people on time!

Anyway, I dropped those off and then we headed back to the Halloween store because Kylie has finally decided what she wants to be for Halloween – a creepy spider/snake lady.  Don’t ask me, I have no idea!  But she has put the outfit together and we are getting all the pieces.  She got a long-haired red-head wig (which we are going to fill with spiders and little snakes) and then we are going to get a big snake to hang around her neck, and then we got some tattoos that look like bite marks and scratches that we are going to put on her face.  Again, she came up with this whole thing and is excited about it, which is all I asked of her!

After we got home, we heated up leftovers for dinner just as the boys were getting home.  Everyone ate and started showers/baths and I started packing the kids up for our OU Homecoming trip to Athens this weekend.  That’s when I remembered that we couldn’t find Kylie’s good Ohio Cheer shirt the last time we looked for it.  So at 9:00 PM last night, I started scouring the rooms for it.  ½ later, John started helping.  It’s such a thin shirt I knew it was possible that it got stuck with some other piece of clothing and could easily be with any of the boys’ clothes.  We even quietly searched Colton’s room while he was sleeping – I was desperate!  John went out and checked the car because the last time she wore it, Kylie said she took it off in the car (but swore she brought it inside with her).  No luck.  Finally, John came upstairs holding the beloved shirt.  I asked he where he found it and he said he tried to think like Kylie.  He went down to the playroom and went through her bags.  There he found a pair of pants, and the noise-maker things we got from the last game.  And then there, at the bottom of the bag, was the shirt.  She had taken it off in the car, but instead of putting it in the laundry like she swore she did, she put it in her bag and forgot to take any of the stuff out.

I told John that not having the shirt was not the thing bothering me.  Yes, the shirt is a very nice shirt (Under Armour that looks like the football jerseys and then we had “cheer Ohio” put on the back), I mean she does have a few OU shirts, but I hate the feeling of not being able to find something.  It eats at me and eats at me until I find it, and that was what was happening with this shirt.  It was nice being able to go to bed in peace having found it!

So now it’s Friday, and we are set for a beautiful weekend down at Ohio University full of festivities!

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