Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Fun, Non-Special Night...

Last night was a fun night.  And what’s funny is there really wasn’t a “thing” that made it fun, I just really enjoyed myself and when I reflected on it after the kids were in bed, it made me smile.

John had a church leadership meeting last night, so he went straight there after work.  Kylie went to Rachel’s house.  So when I got home, it was just the boys and I!  Ryan and Josh were down playing hockey together and asked me to come and watch their game.  So I sat in one of the designated seats and spent my time equally between cheering for the hockey players and making sure Colton did go anywhere near those flying sticks!

It finally got to the point that I was too stressed about Colton getting hurt, that I took him upstairs to the train room to play.  After a while the boys came upstairs, stated they were hungry and I left to go make dinner.  After dinner both Ryan and Josh went over to play at Grandma’s.

Colton was walking around the house crying “go Gamma’s house” and breaking my heart!  As soon as I was finished cleaning up after dinner, I took him up to my bathroom to take a bath in the big bathtub.  He was in Heaven!  I took this opportunity to call Suzie and catch up with her.  This phone call turned into an hour-long call (I think), and during that time the boys came home and promptly hopped into the tub with Colton, and Kylie came home and helped me watch everyone to make sure there was no drowning.

I finished up my call and got them all out of the tub.  We then all went down and had a bowl of ice cream.  It was fun having all of us sit around the table eating ice cream together :)  Then it was bed time!  And of course, the nightly fight of who’s sleeping where started up.  We decided to bring the toddler bed into Kylie’s room and put it at the end of her bed.  So Josh and Kylie slept in the big bed, and Ryan slept in the little bed at the foot of the big bed (which was actually a fight because Josh wanted to sleep in the little bed!).  And of course Colton went to his crib :)

I got about an hour of TV time before John came home, and then another hour of tv time/catching up with each other.  So nothing special, but a fun night nonetheless!

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