Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A 1/2 Marathon Weekend...

What a fun-filled weekend!
Friday night, as usual, had a slow start.  John and some of the boys were on the couch watching sports (even rugby at one time) and I was wrestling with Colton and Ryan on the floor.  Poor Josh was so hungry and kept saying he wanted pizza.  And it would have been so easy to just order a pizza (especially since it was chilly and rainy outside), but no, John and I felt like going out somewhere.  So John had Siri give him some pizza place ideas and into the car we went!

The place that he picked (based on tons of great reviews) was pretty far away – about 25 minutes.  But we had a nice car ride – the kids were good and John and I got to talk a little.  When we got off the highway, we realized that we were in a pretty shady area of town.  We decided that we were going to drive by the place, and if it looked bad, we were outta there!  But when we drove by, it looked nice, and full of people, so in we went!

As we were led to our seats, I heard someone say “Debbie!  John!” and looked over to see our brother-in-law there with his brother, uncle and dad.  What’s funny is that we live in the same suburb as John’s sister, and even seeing them out there at any time would be weird, let alone 25 minutes away from our houses!  After we got settled in, he told us how his family had been coming to that pizza place for years and years and how much he loved it.  And he was right – the pizza was great!  And the kids were good!  And there was sports on the TV, so the boys were happy!  It was a great evening :)

Saturday morning we got up and because it was rainy outside, John cancelled Ryan’s football practice.  I quickly got my list together and we all headed to the grocery store (after taking Kylie to gymnastics).  After we got home, I spent the whole day doing laundry :(  I also got applesauce cooking in the crockpot and then started cooking our huge dinner in the late afternoon.

John and Suzie were running the ½ marathon on Sunday, and they had picked a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs as their carb-load that night.  And of course, you know me, I have to make everything homemade!  It was an amazing dinner (although I was extremely exhausted!).  I made a Bolognese sauce, Pioneer Woman’s meatballs and sauce, and homemade garlic bread.  We also had authentic Italian pasta that Suzie had brought back as a gift for my Dad from Italy.  It was a wonderful dinner that was followed by homemade apple crisp.

After dinner, we got the kids ready and into bed (it was going to be an early morning!) and then I stayed up and got all the dishes finished off and everything packed up that I thought we would need.  While the high on Sunday was going to be 65 and partly cloudy, the time we were going to be outside cheering the runners on it was going to be 40 degrees at the highest.  So I pulled out winter coats and blankets and hats and gloves.  Thankfully, my parents agreed to watch Colton while we were gone, so I didn’t need to worry about packing extra stuff for him.

Sunday morning John and Suzie left around 5:45 and I was up shortly thereafter.  I got myself ready and then got the kids up and told them that if we left the house on time, we would stop at Tim Horton’s to get hot chocolate and Timbits.  They all got dressed in the shirts that I had bought for them with no complaints.  They were fabulous and we only left about 5 minutes late.  We stopped and got the hot chocolate and donuts and we were on our way!

We drove over to a little city that the runners would be running through and found a little parking lot that didn’t have many cars in it.  We parked the car and loaded our arms up with blankets and drinks and coats and headed to the street.  The police officer confirmed with me that the runners would be running right by us, so we set up camp and waited.  The first of the runners started coming through so we stood up and got our signs ready.  Then globs and globs of runners started coming through and I was so worried that we were going to miss them!  Luckily I had told John about where we would be (around miles 5 or 6), but he didn’t know what side of the road we would be on, let alone exactly where we would be.  It was getting late, and I was about ready to finally admit that we missed them when all of sudden I saw my sister running up to me!  And then John was right behind her, shedding his gloves for me to take back with us.

After this, the kids went back to their blanket and drank their hot chocolate while we waited for a break so that we could cross the road to get to our car.  I finally realized that we were never going to find a large break, so I prepped the kids and we all ran across right when I saw a small break.  We loaded up in the car and headed off for downtown so that we could see them at the finish line!

We got parked easily and made our way through the madness of people.  We were able to find an area where we could see the big screen of runners coming through and Kylie saw Suzie’s and John’s name flash across the screen as having crossed the finish line.  So we made our way back through the people and met up with them at the end of their path of free food :)  I was so proud of them!

After that we all headed home for a short break before we had to load up the car for the boys’ football games.  It went way too fast :)  Thankfully, the weather had turned absolutely gorgeous and it was awesome sitting outside watching each boy’s football game.  Colton actually fell asleep in the car on the way there and stayed asleep through the transfer of getting him into the stroller and about ¾ of Ryan’s game!

After the football games (which they both won and both scored in and Joshie had an interception), we headed home, caught up with the neighbors for a few minutes, and then headed out for dinner.  We went to the Pub and it was one of the best dinner experiences I’ve ever had!  Since there were so many of us (Cindy joined us for dinner), we got to sit at the tap table, which means there were beer taps on our table.  The other cool thing was that it was off in its own little room, with other smaller, kid-size tables around it.  The kids ate and played while we ate and drank.  The food was awesome and the overall evening was wonderful!

After dinner we took the kids to Barnes and Noble and they picked out some books.  Joshie has really started reading more and more (it had gotten to be such a fight with him) now that he’s picking out his own books and thinking about what he wants to read.  After B&N it was home to baths and showers and some time to just relax before crashing.  And I do mean crashing!  John and I were so beat from all of the day’s activities :)

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