Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday Night Recap...

What a night. I came home to an exceptionally sweet Kylie. She told me about all the things she had done for Josh that day (pushed him on the swing, played with him, etc.). She even told our nanny “I think I’m making Josh lazy because I keep doing things for him!”

She was in such a helping mood…she even went in to unload the dishwasher without telling us (to bad the dishes were dirty :) ). And Jen (our nanny) kept saying how sweet she has been for the past couple of weeks. That makes me so happy because she is at such a difficult age…I feel like so much of the time nothing makes her happy.

I fed Ryan while Josh and Kylie played together. It was nice…they were really playing well together and not bothering me about playing with them (they always bombard me just as I sit down to feed Ryan and I feel so bad telling them that I can’t play with them because he has to eat). After I fed him I started dinner, and again, the kids were just in such great moods! For dinner we had enchiladas, and Kylie would occasionally tell me they were spicy, and Joshie kept piping up with "I don't care if they're spicy, I just eat them."

After dinner we headed out on a bike ride. We left about 7:15, and my mom was so nice to stay at the house because Ryan was sleeping. I’m so amazed at how well Kylie rides her bike. She’s been on a two-wheeler for 2 years now, but this summer there has been a drastic improvement…I never worry about her falling! And she rides so fast! John rides in front pulling Joshie, then Kylie follows him, and I’m at the end. There were times that I couldn’t keep up with her!

We rode to the park and Kylie and I rolled down the hills together while Josh and John played basketball. Then we went into the Parks and Rec building where one of the ladies gave the kids candy and balloons (it’s so nice that our city is one of John’s clients!). John and Joshie played some more basketball while Kylie and I had races on the basketball courts. Let me tell you, that girl is fast! I was seriously running as fast as I could and I just barely beat her…that definitely put me to shame!

Finally at about 8:45 we headed home. And Ryan had stayed sleeping the whole time! We got the kids bathed and got the house ready for the cleaner (always involves a lot of de-cluttering) and finally headed out for our Monday-night-porch-sitting at 10:00. We only got an hour out there, but it was so nice (as was the bowl of ice cream I had while sitting out there :) ).

The only downside to the night was the fact that Ryan was up at 11:30 and then again at 3:30. I’m super tired today (and had to stop at Tim Horton’s for an Iced Cappuccino to wake me up).

Hopefully I’ll get to bed a little early tonight…yeah right!


Sherry said...

Sounds like Kylie is really coming into her own, that being enjoying life and her family. She has no doubt watched you and picked up on all you do, therefore is great with her brothers and housework, yeah dirty dishes or not, it's the thought!!
A fun night for all of you and yeah your 10pm date night love it.
Have another cappuccino and just know it's a "happy tired" !!

Daddy Dan said...

Sounds like you had a great night! Babito loves going to the park too.

I know what you mean about getting the house ready for the cleaners. It's always a big task!