Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Missing Out...

Yesterday, John loaded Kylie and Josh up in the car and headed out for a 10 hour drive to Virginia Beach. His family is on vacation there this week, and up until a few years ago, we would always go with them. But with my job change 3 years ago, there was just no way I could ever take this week off to go, so we stopped going. This year I really encouraged John to take the kids and have some relaxing time with his family.

So while I'm sad that 1.) my kids and hubby are gone for 5 whole days; and 2.) I'm not on the beach; I am SO EXCITED to have 5 WHOLE days with just Ryan. Already we have had so much fun! It's just so nice to play with him and not feel guilty that I'm not playing with the other two.

I had him sleep in my bed with me for a little bit last night, and I woke up to him babbling and laughing at the fan going around above us. He's so precious and the thought of so much time with him is so exciting!

But I am bummed out because John and the kids arrived at the beach just 2 hours ago and already I'm getting pictures sent to my phone of them on the beach in the ocean. But I am glad that they are having fun and that they will get some fun time in with their cousins!

My family having fun while I am hard at work:


Anonymous said...

That sucks! But, I'm sure the time with just Ryan is awesome. It probably seems so easy having one child to take care of rather than 3.

Great picture! I wish I was on the beach :)

Sherry said...

Yeah it has to be difficult not to be there, but you and Ryan have quality time and Josh and Kylie have bonding time w/ dad. so it all works.
Have a great time w/ Ryan and thank goodness for digital camera's so you can see the rest of your family daily!!!