Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Great Tuesday!

On Tuesday, the kids had a very eventful day. My mom went over and took them to a movie that morning, which they absolutely loved! Then that evening, my mom took Joshie to a Clippers game (our minor league baseball team). He loved batting practice the most and even got a ball from one of the players during it!

Kylie had gymnastics, so I took her alone so that John could have some fun time with Ryan. There was only one other girl in Kylie’s class, and they had the whole big gym to themselves (I love summer…the gym is so empty!). Afterwards, we went to the scrapbooking store where she got some American Flag stickers and some fireworks paper. After that we picked up some dinner and went home.

Kylie was excited because I was finally going to let her watch The Wizard of Oz. She has been dying to watch this for a couple of years now, but I know how the movie scared my sisters so much because they were so young when they watched it, so I’ve been holding off. But this past weekend, I heard the music come on TV and I taped it…just in case.

So I told Kylie that she could watch it, with me. And she really wasn’t that scared. It’s sad, I think shows have gotten so much worse these days and The Wizard of Oz is tame compared to some of the cartoons now! She did come into my room that night and said she had a bad dream, but I could tell it really wasn’t that bad because she went back to bed without any problems (when she has really bad dreams she cries and has a hard time going back to bed).

So it was a good Tuesday, and it was nice to have some one-on-one time with Kylie and Ryan!

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Sherry said...

It's so neat how you always manage to get your one on one time with the kids and make each of them feel so special. That's what I call balance and the scenerio for the "perfect family" which in my eyes you are.
How old is Kylie? Brandi is going to take my 8 yrs old granddaughter to the musical Wizard of Oz and you know I forgot how scary that movie was to little ones. Dang you reminded me, but then like you said, now days, things are so much different. MMM you have me thinking girl!! :)