Monday, July 27, 2009

A Weekend Alone with Ryan!

So John and Kylie and Josh headed to the beach Tuesday. They drove about halfway and then stayed over night. They got into VBeach around lunch time on Wednesday. Here are the some of the pictures from their trip (John only took about 20 pictures...I am clearly photographer in the family...if I had gone, there would be hundreds of pictures!).

Ryan and I hung out every night. We would play, and then go to dinner with my mom, and then play a little more, and then bedtime for him while I worked. My mom and I had a blast trying new restaurants around town.
I have had a few revelations this past weekend. Revalation number 1, one child is sooo easy! However, you cannot appreciate how easy they are until you have more than one child. When I had one child, I didn't think it was too easy, but this past weekend was so pleasantly easy for me when I'm used to having three! Ryan did everything with me...we played, cleaned up, ran errands, ate...everything together! Which brings me to another revalation I are exhausting! With Ryan, I could plop him next to me and talk to him while I did work. I cleaned out my closet, organized every single item of clothing in the basement (put in bins, labled bins, etc.), did laundry, cleaned floors multiple times, did dishes, etc. and not once did I feel worn out! But when you try to do all that stuff with 2 1/2 little followers, that's what wears you out!
Revalation number 3 is that Ryan does not like to sleep anywhere but his crib. Now I have known this for the most part, but I really thought that he would love sleeping in my bed with me at night. Not so much. He would sleep for a couple of hours and then wake up, and I usually ended up taking him back to his crib where he would happily role over and go back to sleep.
Revalation number 4 is that Ryan will eat anything. When taking him out to eat we had to occupy him. A lot. I think he gets bored easily and while you might find a distraction for him for a moment, he's ready for something new within a few minutes. So we gave him food. All kids of food! Greek food, bread, dessert, Cheerios, name it he ate it!
Revalation number 5 is that there are so many reminders of the kids all over the house. I would be cleaning something and see something that reminded me of Josh or Kylie and really miss them! It's funny how they have their "mark" all over the house!
John and the kids came home earlier than expected...they got in around 2:00 AM Sunday. We still got up and went to church and then came home and took a 2 hour nap! We had fun playing outside together!

Ryan With Leapfrog from Debbie on Vimeo.

Untitled from Debbie on Vimeo.

Untitled from Debbie on Vimeo.

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Sherry said...

Dang girl you got so much done I am in awe of you. Things sorted and labled?? Oh come on over this way, I so need that kind of organization around here!!! :)
So glad you and Ryan had that time together but yep you other two are imbedded in your heart and soul, but that's no surprise to me. It's a family of FIVE not two, right???
Your hubby only took a few pic, but the one of Kylie and Josh holding hands on the beach, OMG that is totally awesome. I love it, a few pics but PERFECT pics.
I enjoyed them all and the videos!!!