Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Payback - 20 years later...

When I was little I would often come up with these "great" ideas involving me going to someone's house or them coming over to my house to play. And since these ideas were so "great," I felt the need to bombard my mother with them as soon as they popped into my head. But she would always squish them and tell me that I can't tackle her with my ideas as soon as she walks in the door, or as soon as she wakes up, or as soon as she finishes doing something, etc.

I hated that. I wanted to play at someone's house and that couldn't wait for her to get dressed, or take her coat off or whatever she was doing!

Last night I experienced the frustration that my mom felt so many times with me :) I walked in the door from work and Kylie is standing in the laundry room talking on the phone. I had not even closed the door yet and she tells me "Isabella wants me to come over for a playdate...can you talk to her?"

Now my first reaction was to scold her and tell her that I just got home, I hadn't taken my coat off yet and I needed to go see the other kids and talk to the nanny. But I remembered how I felt when I was little, so I tried to find a compromise...I told her to keep talking while I put my stuff down and said "hello" to everyone, and then I would talk to her. I was also surprised because Kylie has never talked on the phone to anyone other than family before, so it was a shock to see her on the phone with one of her friends from school.

It turns out 5 year-old phone understanding is non-existent because the rest of the night was spent playing phone tag because one girl would hang up on the other one or messages weren't taken properly, so no play date was ever scheduled.

But I have to admit it was very cute to see her all grown up, talking on the phone, and so excited about playing with one of her friends.


Sherry said...

Hahaha you know I have to love it!!! I used to tell my daughter "Just wait til you have kids of your own." Oh yeah now she knows just what I meant by that. And now you are feeling the same thing. See why being a Grandmother is sooooooo satisfying? hahahaha
I can amost picture your daughter , phone to her ear and chatting away. Sniff sniff, they grow up way to fast huh?

Rachel said...

My mother is always telling me that I am getting paid back, lol! By the way, I'm not sure if I told you, but I loved the Christmas card! Josh and Kylie signing it was too cute!

radioactive girl said...

My daughter is 8 and seeing her talk on the phone is still super adorable. I am like you, the things that upset me when I was a child are the things I am extra careful about with my kids.