Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas 2008

Finally my Christmas Post :)

We worked really hard this year to try to have everything done the weekend before Christmas, and we were really, really close. This made that week of Christmas very nice and relaxing! My mom was in town, and then my sister came in from Michigan Tuesday night. Unfortunately we got a very big ice storm that evening so it took her forever to get here, but thankfully she arrived safe and sound.
The Friday before Christmas Kylie had her class party, which I got to go to:
Christmas Eve my mom, sister, Kylie and I headed out to do a few last-minute errands (I had to mail my Christmas cards, grocery shop, and my mom had to pick up a present). When we got home I started to work on our Christmas Eve dinner (prime rib, green beans and mashed potatoes).

Our church did not have a Christmas Eve service, and since we go to church all the time, we didn’t feel it necessary to attend some other church just to go. So that took a lot of time pressure off of us this year! My mom, sisters, dad and Kylie all went to a service, so we were able to finish wrapping some presents and get dinner finished up.

Dinner was awesome! I mean really, how can you go wrong with prime rib? After dinner we relaxed a little bit and then the kids opened presents. They got to open their PJs from us, and their presents from my sisters. Then they put out the cookies and milk for Santa and headed up to bed.

Once the kids were in bed we made some adult hot chocolate and my sisters and I all exchanged presents. It was so nice and relaxing! Both of my sisters spent the night and my parents were in their house next door.

Christmas morning we woke up around 7:30. The kids actually didn’t wake up until around 8:00. Kylie was so excited about everything she had gotten in her stocking. My sister put the sticky buns in the oven and we started into the presents! Joshie got his long anticipated gumball machine and Kylie got her “I Gotta Go Doll.”
My sister with Ryan:

After presents we ate a great brunch and just hung out for a little bit. Around 3:30 we headed over to John’s sister’s house for his family Christmas. We had a great dinner and watched a great family slide show that his sister prepares every year. Then it was present time!

I don't have any pictures of Kylie and Josh at John's sister's house...when we go to cousin Carson's house, we never see the kids...they are always off playing!

We got home pretty late and everyone headed to bed. My sister was able to stay with us until Sunday, so we spent the next couple days cooking with all my new toys (a new fryer, knives, WOK, and lots of other cool gadgets) and just hanging out. The time went by way too quickly!

Joshie and Daddy shaving with Joshie's new shaving kit:

Our Christmas card picture:


Anonymous said...

It sounds like everything was relaxing and wonderful. What a wonderful ending for Christmas, sometimes it all gets so rushed you can lose all then enjoyment. The kids look like they had a fab time and Ryan? so freaking cute. I just want to smoosh his cheeks.
Glad you had a great holiday!

Jillian, Inc said...

What great photos! So glad y'all had a wonderful holiday season!

Rachel said...

Great pictures! Looks like you all had a great Christmas!

I wondered why I didn't get your Christmas card until after Christmas, lol! I showed Kaylie the pic and she said "awwww, how cute".

Sherry said...

Great pictures and I have said it before, a "beautiful family" you are all so striking and photgenic, as is your sister.
Sounds like a fantastic Christmas and also sounds like Santa was great to everyone. Must be you were all very very good right???

Christy said...

Sounds like another wonderful Christmas at your house! Love the photos, especially that little one of Ryan.

Oh, and I still haven't done any of my Christmas posts, do I think you are really on the ball ;)

radioactive girl said...

That sounds wonderful and relaxing!