Monday, January 12, 2009

Kylie's First Sleepover

On Friday night Kylie had her first real sleepover (the first one that started with her playing with a friend and ended with her playing with a friend...she had attempted to spend the night at someone's house another time but came back home around 11:30).

Her little friend Isabella called all week and she and Kylie were trying to arrange a playdate. Friday when I got home from work I told Ky to call her and set something up for the evening. Somehow Kylie started talking about a sleepover. I really didn't care...I didn't have anything going on and I figured that this would keep her occupied and I could guilt-free get some make-up cuddling time with Ryan. So I talked to Isabella's mom and we got the whole thing set up.

The girls played wonderfully together! And for a good part of the night they actually included Josh too, which was really nice. They ended the evening watching a movie, eating popcorn and cookies and then off to bed around 10:45.

I woke up to them giggling around 8:00. Hubby got up with them and let me have a little more sleep. We all ate breakfast and then her mom came and picked her up.

I have to admit I'm glad that her first sleepover was at our's going to be a lot harder for me to let her go to other people's houses (but I know I will have to).

The only bad thing was that Isabella's mom called us Saturday night and told us that Isabella had the stomach flu. Of course she played with everyone, including Ryan, and slept in Kylie's bed. I'm praying very hard that none of us get it!


Sherry said...

I too hope you don't get the stomach flu, ugh that wouldn't be good at all.
Her first sleep over, wow huh? I agree it is harder when they go to someone's house. Me, I used to insist I meet the parents first. One time the parents came over to meet up and the dad said "See we aren't axe murderer's or perverts" Dang kids told them that's why we had to meet them, cause they might be hahaha. So from experience be careful how you explain why you want to meet the parents hahahaha.
I always preferred to have the sleep overs at our house, I like knowing where the kids are at all times.

Amy W said...

Ashley had a sleepover on Friday night too! Although this was not her first, and mine were in bed by 9pm!

Hope the stomach bug stays far, far away...

Rachel said...

Ick, I hope none of you get it either!!

I'm glad Kylie had a good time!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great time! Emma is gearing up for her first sleepover... and yup, I'm hoping it'll be at our house too! (But I'm also curious to know if she'd survive the night elsewhere... or if I'd have to do the midnight pick-up!)

Bethany said...

Hope you don't get the bug.

I am so not ready for a sleepover. I hope it's at my house.